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Tapping into your essence, the angels will offer spiritual guidance for your soul and light for your path.

It is important to note that these sessions are not angel-card readings, or predictive psychic readings, but rather an opportunity to receive profound guidance and light from the archangels from mighty high-up planes.

I feel these channels are meant for those who are ready for true evolution in their spiritual life.

Your channel experience is done in two steps.

1. We will talk by way of Zoom, Facebook video, phone call  or FaceTime. 

2. Once the channel comes through (it usually takes a day or two) I will go ahead and email it to you. If you have any questions or would like a little clarity at that time feel free to reach out.  

Fee is $100 CAD 

Thank you so very much for these calming and comforting words. I am grateful to read them and will come back to them again and again as I watch for things to come to fruition.


The channel is truly is an amazing experience for the soul and it just confirms what I already felt deep down about my purpose here and being a healer. 

 This is something I will cherish forever.  I needed this so much.  

 I requested a personal Angel channel. I am so comforted and encouraged by the personal message that I received. I would highly recommend this to anyone on a spiritual journey. I was honoured and touched. Stefanie brings her own unique grace and peace to the encounter.  

 I have been touched and am in deep appreciation.  I re-read my own angel channel many times last night and this morning,  I am comforted and renewed. 



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C$ 100.00
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Tapping into your essence, the angels will offer guidance for your soul and light for your path.

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 I can’t thank you enough for being this wonderful and beautiful channel. 

 I feel connected to Source energy through this channel,  like the energy of the channeled messages is coming through me.

  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this gift. My soul sings as I read the words, and I am crying tears of love for the messengers. I find acceptance and honesty in this message and I am certain it will light my path going forward. I am going to print it out and keep it where I can see it every day. It is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.   

A Sample Channel

A personalized channel (posted with permission)

Your Life Work Awaits 

We see you standing at the precipice of a new standard of greatness.

Aqua eggs, jasper, jade, mica, mounds of gem-stones. Crystal gems saturating holy moments.  All this and more.

Frosty globes of colors bright to soothe your soul and settle the mind with ease

Cubes of purple, green and gold to offer wonder for the soul.

Settle into oneness and find yourself in the midst of your life’s work.

Your salutations at sunrise will help you greatly in the coming days.

We see you giving softly the gems of paradise, to be given and received in the spirit of love’s presence.

An office not of business but of emeralds rich and green.

We see you taking treasures into your chest.

Crystals formulated to match the vibratory essence of each individual

·  Trinkets of joy

·  Flowery essences

·  Oils to delight the soul

Find your gateway to happiness by dissolving the past. 

Yesterday is a dream to be forgotten and forgiven.

Forgive yourself for everything you thought you did and was done to you.

On the brink of disaster, you found the golden moment to dive beneath the pain and meet yourself. 

The crystal grid of yesterday has pushed you through. 

Never underestimate the power of your forgotten yesterdays, where you see no longer the pain, the love-inhibited awareness, and the folly of fear. 

You have come far on your way to greatness. We see you standing on the mountaintop where the vistas of green and gold and tans and brauns tickle your keen awareness and sunny brow.

You cannot know the wonder of your soul as long as you harbor grievances from the past. Settle not for thoughts that bind your mind and limit your light. 

You were born to reflect heaven here on earth. Let in crystals, gold, pearls, citrine, hematite, boggy moss rocks, lovely strands of glistening gems, holographic jagged edges of heaven’s love-light.

Take the lead by determining what you want and encourage yourself to put aside the forlorn fantasies. 

Decide for greatness, think with breadth, depth and width, and jostle gently towards a brighter tomorrow. 

We love you with hearts over-flowing into this eternal now, 

The Mighty Angels