Angelic poetry

Be Unafraid to Live


What does it really mean to live, to give, be you and be free?

Wake up to the greatness of each day
Let your heart be holy and high
Let the sunlight penetrate the curtains 

you have drawn across the sky

Rockets will soar and penetrate the ether 

if you will allow the light to take root in your mind

You were born to wake up hearts
You were born to sing the song of the heavens

You were born to gently caress the collective whole
with a light magnified a thousand-fold

Why wait for love when you are love?

Why wait for redemption when the light unknown to the human eye is lifting you at high speed into a holy sanctuary, beyond fight or flight, beyond unforgiveness and the stuckness of illusion and false thoughts about a false self and others?

In a ball of fire you are released from the whole ball of wax
and sorry state of illusion and worldly thoughts

Let the butterfly be released from the chrysalis

Let your heart be holy and high for no good reason at all

Way, way up in the sun’s sky is your divine counterpart
striding towards you wanting to connect and make way for peace

Dare to fly into the arms of your Prince today

See love everywhere
Be love for yourself and others
Notice your surroundings and see them sparkle in the new sun

We are watching, waiting, noticing and soaring into your heart today.

~The Might Angel Collective



Refocus now on Truth

The meaning becomes clear
when imagery is surpassed
and the Grand Awakening is deemed essential

Unfettered access to the soul’s light
is the re-frame that is called for

Let the tides be as they are
Let the mountains stand in harmony with the sky

The salient sun is passing over the threshold 

Advanced Reality is beckoning your name

Let the sun settle on your shoulders
in a marvelous gesture of forever

Open your mind’s eye
Bide your time no more in fallacies and fantasies

Let the frequencies of the new tomorrow find you today

Let showers of blessings fall atop your mighty head

No one can come to you and save you

Only God’s glorious heaven knows the oneness
and the pocket of forever is found as you open up your mind and enter the sanctuary

It is still, it is quiet, it is miraculous, and it is yours for your glorious curl-up

Sweet fragments are whispered into the willing ear and the fresh heart

Let your sanctuary open its gates
and find your way here today, often

See you on the carpet,

~The angels of Gods glorious high-light


There's a Great Awakening Occurring

Come up now for the lift
Stand tall in the sun
Let your Mind show you what to do
and how to be when trials set in

There are no trials in the Mind of God
There is only Love
There is only sweetness and security
and taps that flow with Gods green light
telling you it’s a go

Succumb not to false thoughts that hamper the mind and bind the brain with twists and turns that feature knots and wells
that cause you to trip and fall into nights of darkness and fallacy

The brightness of tomorrow is a given
You will dance under trees of old
and swing in the wind while the world collapses around you

In frantic surroundings will you love and spread mercy like wildfire

In hopelessness will you spread your wings and shower blessings

Be not afraid of darkness when it makes a stand to bruise your warrior heart

There’s a great awakening occurring
and your part to play is as clear as diamonds falling from the sky

Catapult out of darkness into the mind’s eye of light

Settle not for a false reality that hampers and binds and ruins and frets

You have work to do
The mountains wait
Your name is calling
The time is now


Fear Not the Storms of Life

The love is so profound
The temple is secure
The Inner Companion is your security blanket

Fear not the storms of life
They will not disturb your peace of mind

In a sanctuary of light your Holy Grail awaits
It has never left you nor ever will

In abundance the diamonds fall from the sky
to lift you into heights unheard of

Let ecstasy fill your heart to the brim
to spill over into the hearts of men

Let all earthly affairs fall to the wayside
so Love in all its glory can light up your night sky

Let the pockets of grace find you in this moment

Your sanctuary moves with you and cannot leave you in despair

You are loved beyond the skies, the moon, and the stars

Feel our wings lift you into places yet to be known, countries of old, skies of blue, and people’s hearts around the world

Settle in now, and let us do the work

Your job is to love with all your heart
We’ll take care of the rest

With great love at this great time,

~The Angels of the Seventh Ray


I Can See Forever

When stillness speaks and nights do fall 

the sparkles are so clear

The monumental truth is there 

and plain to see and hear

When ears hold true to innocence

and sights are set on love

the stars align and crack the case

for light to saturate

The hardest heart and limpest will

cannot deny the sight

of God's pure love and light you see 

will penetrate the plight

Oh let the song of angels sing

when softness finds your face

Let sky and stars and seething mars

bow down to your delight

To sing a song of glories come

to settle in your now

You are a song from heaven’s heart

Doubt not your stand on high

When heaven calls your precious heart 

with songs that light your soul

The stars are calling you tonight

Listen and you will see

The vastness of the Truth of you 

It’s in the Stars you’ll see


Be a Leader

Be a leader in your conversations

Be a leader in love

Be a leader in your heart 

so that ten thousand beings can know the nature of love 

all wrapped up 

in a singular moment of love-light luminousity 

in the singular moment of all time and no time


Sign up for your Exceptional Self

It’s a course in love
Leave your ego at the door
Come bearing gifts of your inner light
Leave platitudes behind
There are no phantoms here
or ghosts of Christmas past

We see you standing atop the mountain
with your wings spread for flight
We know of your solitude gains
and how the wonders of the universe tickle your heart

The light in you is plain to see from where we stand  

in the glorious chasms of God’s epic plantation

drawing light from the heavens 

to splash liquid radiance across 

the fields of eternity

As you enter the field of Self-proclamation

 we will show you who you are 

when the veil has lifted 

and the light beams from the Central Sun 

to shine its ecstatic laser 

into your mind’s eye


You Are the Perfect Guru


Yes you

Never underestimate your ability to teach

In a world of contradictions and conspiracy, there is only love

There is light and holiness and a magnitude 

of ever-lasting sanctity infilling your mind today

Never fear the ephemeral certitude
and baskets containing empty promises

You have a right to all the universe
and to the trees that sparkle in dawn’s effervescent light

Rise into the holiness that is capturing your field today
and teach of wonders from afar,
yet as close as your next inhale of liquid light


The Giant-ness Within


People just go on with their lives and be themselves not realizing the beauty that is erupting within them

They sing and dance and wallow and wane under the stunning night sky

The purples and pales of your sparkling love await you now to soothe your mind and awaken your sleeping heart

The giant-ness within is waiting to spill over into the hearts of others, into the one mind that occupies this plane of existence

In the heart of the moment see yourself
Let the sparkling diamonds shimmer through the night sky

Hearts wake as the beckoning of universal love engulfs the globe of awareness

The lights are coming home into your mind’s eye

Let it settle its flame into your third eye

Become aware of its settling presence
Step into the fields of forever
and wake up your brilliant love today


Love for Humanity

In the midst of chaos
let your heart sing
Let craziness abound
as wonder settles into your cells

You cannot change the world
or bring it around to your way of seeing

Settle into oneness as you breathe out the frenzy

Sit up tall in your quietness and peace

Be with all and embrace the sweetness in others

This world can be an honest reflection of heaven’s dance

Let the stars transcend the moment
Let your glory override the poignancy of pain; the addiction to littleness

You are a star rising into the magnitude of God’s glorious light

Let no thought enter to sully your inheritance

The Gift is yours
The dawn has come to replace the darkness
Let the salient diamond-light fill your house today, 

and be in stillness in all ways


We are Very Lucky

Let the sands of time fall through the hourglass

Let your heart settle into this moment only

Let yourself be OK with what has come and gone because after all, it is gone 

Let blue birds sing their song of happiness to you today 

You deserve to rise into your happy place,  where songs of the angels find your inner ear 

Let your faulty situations recline into the backseat

Tune in to the radio of your soul’s song

Crank up the light in your inner ear 

and fill yourself with God’s glorious love today


Raise Yourself Up


Raise yourself up
into places unknown until now my friend

You are an amazing plethora in the eyes of God

An exquisite mix of all things good

You are capable of separating yourself
from thoughts of littleness
so that the bigness can present itself

Raise yourself up into kingdoms unknown
Into the essence of love itself
Where sunshine swells through narrow bends and starlit caves

Sanctuaries of heaven produce results of an immediate nature

In heaven's own immediacy are faults forgotten
Are songs sang by bluebirds golden melodies
and pleasing tones from the high notes of heaven
saturate the needs and wants and fallacies unheard of

Heaven's song is yours today for the immediate capturing
All you have to do is listen with ears intent
and allow the love to swell through cracks of despair

Seek not to understand what is not meant to be understood
Waste not a moment in analyzing darkness
but celebrate your ability to seek beyond and rise
into the planes yet unknown

You are a mighty creator in God’s holy mind
Find your place in the creation of miracles
Capture the heart of the moment
Shine your mind’s light in the darkness
And Be in the brilliant light of forever, today


Become the Healer You Are

When crisis mounts your field

and darkness fills the moment

to tear your peace away, 

sow seeds of rainbow light instead

See the truth beyond the pain

Rise into the plane of awareness,

the top bunk beyond the noise

Save yourself from fear today

Crinkle your brow no more

Settle yourself into smooth sails ahead

Bask in love’s tender light

Clean up the mess of distorted perceptions 

and memories that haunt your mind

Let love’s embrace find you today

Let love heal your life

And others’ as well

Let fountains of glory fill your soul

and fire up your faith into oneness itself

Let God’s love fill your heart with over-flowing gladness 

so separation and sickness become a thing of the past in your mind, 

where all good things come to pass

Never discount your ability to heal yourself and others

To fire embers of eternity into cells themselves, 

where cellular memory has become complacent in pain 

and the hardness of disease

Let fingertips heal through imagination and actuality,

passing the lovely light of love

through the channels of God’s glorious essence

of light and love, of your holy mind

into situations unaware of healing capabilities 

Rise above the uncertainty 

into presence unencumbered

See yourself as God sees you

and become the healer you are

Spiritual healing
Spiritual healing

Bring Love into the Wound

Open up today

Let it penetrate 

The diagnosis is a fallacy

Only love can heal us

in a way that’s lasting and permanent

It is not complicated in the realms of God’s peace

It is magical and possible

and completely feasible

The essence of God’s love is exquisite 

It is capable of saturating your cells

with the healing light of eternity

You don’t have to understand it, just try it on for size 

by breathing it in to the cellular structure 

and allowing no thoughts to interfere

with the healing light of God’s love

Instructions are not needed

Just the pure will for life

For God’s essence is everywhere


Be in Silence

Let the starry wonder soothe your soul

Let miracles land and show themselves to you today

Let healing occur in your mind’s eye

for yourself and others

There are no others

There is only Self

Let time remain

as you lift off into galaxies

Into presence unknown

And witness the miracles unfurl themselves

in oneness, love and light

- Your Pleiadean helpers

Spiritual healing
Spiritual healing

Pour Your Poems

Pour your poems into Facebook today

Whether they go nowhere or everywhere, it doesn’t matter

They go everywhere the moment they’re released

into the oneness of God’s Kingdom

into the essence of minds joined

In oneness do we release oneness

In the diamond mind do we release diamonds

to spray across the earth and sparkle their essence everywhere

You can’t go wrong when doing God’s work

It’s neither here nor there

It’s everywhere

Brothers join together in celebration 

when minds open wide

and hearts settle into oneness

for all the world to see

Celebrate together when the planet fades into chaos

The illusion of separation is just that

An illusion, a lie

Minds are joined at their root

So wander not into the isolation of despair

when God’s sweetness surrounds you now

Let diamonds fill your mind

Let nature take its course

Beyond the recognition of pain and sorrow 

there is a mountain of sparkling crystals calling out your name

Let your diamond mind fill itself

with the rhapsody of oneness

Be in the moment of grandeur

and choose your magnitude of miraculous love today

angelic poetry
angelic poetry

There’s No Need to Wait and See


All the rest of that stuff is not important
It’s a sad song of yesterday’s past
Let it not haunt your heart of diamonds today

Settle into the moment of this moment’s promise
and let diamond-light explode on your brow

You will never want again for anything the future holds
when you touch the screen of this moment’s pattern
and slide with wonder through the portal of forever
right here between your brows

We’re going to have fun in this moment
There’s no need to wait and see
You can have it all right here and now

Just turn in to the rainbow
Turn up the crystals
And let the light show begin


Crystals are Calling

 The fifth line of dimension is upon you now
bringing with it new lines in the sand

The old tirades of consciousness
are no longer impressing themselves
upon your awareness as they once were

The crystals are calling out your name

Celebrate your song today
with the rosary of oneness

In the quilted fields of forever
we celebrate the high songs of heaven
in a field of daisies today

Take the top off the bottle of love
Let yourself become a vessel for its essence
A salutation for heaven’s song

The crystal awareness is yours today

Spinning diamonds of cellular light
can lift the stagnant fog
off forgotten moments of forever
and old memories of the past

Oh take me home to the oneness of Self
and a statutory memory of heaven’s code
where prisms of light cast soft hues of turquoise gold
Where nighttime terrors of the past are a long-forgotten song

The new line is written in the sands of time
Delve not on past mistakes
Let their structure implode into oneness
Let the Silicon Valley of heaven’s bits
light your haven today


The Rocky Mountain Stream

 On the side of a rocky mountain stream there lands a dove
A symbol of peace unencumbered
A dancing light of awareness
An emblem of now

In softness does he flutter
with wings to lift you up
into the glorious presence
of this moment

To celebrate your ability to descend
into the folds of forever
as you breathe in the freshness
of the mountain air

In wells of endless bubbling emergence
does the mountain sing
from the other side of tomorrow
with wings to lift you up
into the beauty of you


A Field of Wild Roses


In a field of wild roses
the light comes as a show
The azaleas softly calling
to your heart a-flow

The flowers of tomorrow
are blooming here today
bringing recognition
of souls at play

To soften up this moment
To alleviate the fright
The flowers of yesterday
no longer valid

In fields of wild roses
the moment has arrived

God’s children are forever
under the stars, the moon and sky


More Angelic Poetry. . .


You are a Rainbow

Angels on high call to you today, 

to settle into this moment at large

To bring awareness back to the moment 

so that colors can fill your aura and feed your soul 

with the sweetness of love

You are a song waiting to sing, 

a precious moment of oneness awaiting to collapse 

into a rainbow of colors beyond recognition and glance

Your precious essence awakens 

the songs of the universe to sing in unison today

We love you with hearts overflowing and cascading 

into the glorious rainbow of oneness that is you


God’s Angels

Gods angels bring heaven to us and shower us with magic realms

God’s angels are like mirrors of reflection showing us our epic wonder

and precious nature

God’s Angels show us the highest version of ourselves and the oneness of our soul 

God’s angels take glorious delight in our soul’s growth and marvel at our ability to shine in the darkness

God’s angels take care of us when we call for their help and open to their answer

God’s angels love us completely without condition or expectation 

God’s angels celebrate us from the moment we are born to the moment we pass away to the glorious distant planes of oneness once again, and celebrate our return

The Cellular Memory of Oneness

The cellular memory of oneness is here to heal you now 

To break apart the abscess so cells can sing once more

So sing your song of gladness 

today and ever more 

and recognize the oneness

In songs of love and lore 

To capture the Trinity moment 

will save yourself once more 

and break apart the heartache 

so you can frolic and soar

The cellular memory of oneness

is found by going within

For heaven's song can find you 

when hearts do enter in

to the oneness, to the sweetness 

of the sanctuary within 

your heart of hearts 

and your mind of mind

The cellular memory of oneness 

is here to heal you now

so soften up your headspace

so we can help you now  

Celebrate Your Soul

In the morning glory of this moment 

celebrate your soul

How could you not be loved when you are love

Nestle softly in your radiant light

Wake up from dreams of yesterday

Bask in summer’s precious love

and sunny moments of eternity

Let the rays of God’s love fill your mind

and celebrate this moment with your fellow angelic helpers

In oneness will we conjugate this magnificent moment

and return to love today

Salutations at Sunrise

Internal arguments
It doesn’t matter
Take any length of time to do it
Stand tall in the moment of now 

See yourself for what you really are, pure bliss

A salutation at sunrise is the ticket to pure freedom,
to see the world today through loving eyes

Be still at sunrise
Remove all thoughts from your mind
Settle into stillness and let the sunrise expand 

within you into glorious vistas of the unknown

This is peace, this is Love
Let it tickle your mind today
Expand your life into a grand parameter
Let essence and still-light be yours today
And offer it up to the world at large

The Indelible Stamp of Perfection

The indelible stamp of perfection
is here to take the place
Of sorrows sad and sanction
Of tears upon your face

The sadness of the past
no longer in the air

The brisk stars of tomorrow 

are coming now and here

Tomorrow’s grace is calling
From mountain tops it calls

Let me go there swiftly
to the ancient hallowed name

The cypress luscious gardens
do fill the heart with joy

An ancient presence fills me

The lonely cannot hear

So soften up the edges
and fill your heart today

You Have the Power Within You

 Why be stuck in folly

when you know you are the light


Your candle burns so brightly

As your falter in your plight

As you sink with all your might

As you suffer in your fright


Take up your staff of oneness

Crawl out from rocks of hell

Sit within the wonder

of your glorious, timely shell


Smell the sweetness plenty

Of the forest of your soul


Focus on the light

Let go of darkness well

Learn to love the rapture

and prefer it over hell


You have the power within you

You know it now so sweet

So rise in all its glory

and stay in light complete

Hands on Healing

Release the block
The impediment to wholeness
Let your sanctuary of light come alive in your mind
No holds barred, this is the work of love, light and wholeness
Of equilibrium of the body, mind and spirit
Hands on healing with delight
Open up the pathways and let the healing ensue

You are the Light of the World

There is no such thing as a fail, 

only experiences that show us who we are, 

who we are not, and who we are becoming

You are the light of the world

An ancient ember and divine spark

You cannot go astray in a world of seeming hate and fear

You can only experience love, or not

When you choose your awakening you align with your sacred self

A standard for excellence is set when you choose this alignment

You are a child of heaven itself

You have no idea of the sacredness of your essence 

and glorious nature of your perfect source

If you knew who walked beside you 

on this way that you have surely chosen

fear would be impossible indeed

Angels watch over your flock of thoughts, 

waiting to penetrate the barrier of fear 

you have made up in your mind

In sweet surrender will we enter in 

and soothe your fears with the resonance of heaven

Let the incense of eternity swirl in 

and fill your mind with your soul’s delight

 Let heaven’s song be yours tonight

Supporting Affirmation: 

The light has come into my awareness today to be revealed and unfurled to heal every crevice of ancient hatred and dis-ease.

This is Love

Look for Nurturing, love yourself, open up your mantra to love

 Be heart-full, loving and kind to yourself and others today

Open up to love

Love is pure awareness of this moment, beyond time and place

It is holy essence and simple wisdom captured in a fragment of extraction

Like a tooth pulled from oneness It identifies a precise essence here and now

It cannot be duplicated or owned, 

it can only be experienced with every fiber of your souled being

Capture this essence today beyond the confines of your certainty, 

outside of the expectations of what you believe is real

Let the real be re-vealed to you, in pure delight and quiet surprise it will tickle your inner elf and fill your mind with ease, for no good reason at all 

This is love, and we can have it now

See Yourself in Others

Savor others with a quiet smile

A silent recognition of their real Self

Notice every small effort they make to find their light and yours too

Judgement is an inhibitor to love

A sacrosanct effort against oneness

It is not a small task to see the oneness in others

The beauty of their souls

Recognize the creator’s hand in their very essence

See your Self in them

and be free

Why Not Now?

Hear the Voice
The destiny of this moment is seeking to be unfurled
into the now-ness of forever

Seek no further than the space between your brows
Let the flower open fully

We are wonderful interpretations of God’s sacred love
Capture it now through the focused lense

You’re about to go through a tunnel of forever, a portal
Yield to that place between your eyes
And let your life unfold

Press up to innocence

Now gather onto Him

Dissonance is what I perceive

It is not reality

It is the fruits of my labor here on earth

Not the sun-dried reality of my sparkling essence laid out for All to see

In sunlight does judgement falter and drop away

to be swept away by the waves of the mighty sea 

of silent wonder and majestic delights

In yesterday do we falter in sadness, madness and despair

Today we walk in wonder, forgiveness, and delight


You Do Not Walk Alone

You take Him who sent you. It may be hot and you may be afraid but you contain the goodness and the glory of the One who sent you. Therefore be not afraid. Only lean on Him. He will do the rest. When times seem dark turn on His Light. He will not refrain to comfort your soul like a southern comfort sunrise. 

Let him in to shine down your spine and brighten up the moment with your love. All is well in All of creation because of where you’re coming from. His Love. This will sustain you and refrain you, and touch others in a sweetly way. You do not walk alone

The Most Beautiful Place on Earth

To be in God's love is the most beautiful place to be on earth
Beyond borders, boundaries, limitations and fears 

there is the place where God resides

Where we all know that we all matter

To be in God's embrace is not a fantasy, a sacrifice or lie
It is the highest point of reference we are capable of achieving

How different is my life filled with God’s embrace

On mountaintops we marvel over soft white fields of peace

The lilies of the valley are calling out your name 

to soften out the edges and join in life's refrain

The meadows of tomorrow are standing tall and bright 

where angels will soften out the pain

The angels of tomorrow are calling out your name

Falter Not when Dark Thoughts Come


I feel the tear of solitude well up inside of me
But fear is only transient and barely worth your while


So falter not when dark thoughts come to eclipse your radiant light
When yesterdays of gray begin to swell within your holy precious mind

 let the soft and sweet of spiritual heat penetrate behind

Come bursting forth from silent truth to take a radiant stand


Oh falter not when dark thoughts come to take your peace away
The sparkling Sun of love and One will take their place like sand
rushing in from mountains high and platitudes of light


Your soul’s delight from God's pure light will slide into your mind

The sparkles of the Universe are calling out your name

To Capture the Meaning of God

The propagating hues of fire and gemstones

The emerald cutting edges of crystal grids and smoky splendor

of incense wafting through the night sky

Spiritual senses are much deeper that human delights

What you think of as pleasure is a cosmic joke

A silly ruse strived for but fallen short every time

You cannot know the wonder of spiritual joy 

until you drop the belief in pain and addiction 

to promises kept to yourself

You do not know what's good for you,

and the vane attempts at establishing your own will and truth

only detain you to the glory promised 

with complete and sweet surrender to your God within

He is not the fearful and foolish God you have imagined

but the essence of your very self

To capture the meaning of God is to capture the meaning and splendor 

of the highest version of You

This is no small feat

Now is the Time

The Radiant blessing of this star-filled moment will take the place 

of memories of bland and despair

You'll never want again when you open to the vistas of tomorrrow 

in this moment of still awareness 

and propagating hues of bliss-filled eternity

Now is the time to unlock the mysterious moment

and open up to what’s before us in Truth

The key is in your hand.

Love’s Lava Stream

The love we see through human eyes cannot contain the oneness

of the moment that is this golden-globe reality

sought for yet elusive until full attention is on going within

and noticing the soft embrace of meditative stance

Eyes wide shut is the key to unlocking the inner flow

of love’s lava stream

Non-emotional fantastical splendor is your birthright through time

Just drop the thoughts to release the moment filled with God's embrace

Zinging into awareness unleashing the sparkling sensations

into your mind again

You'll never want again for excitement in this world

There is none in comparison to what God has on store for you

The starry flight soars off the run-way in surrender to this moment grand

This is Us

When you are opening up to the universe

you are opening up to Enlightenment

It is inevitable

The magnificence of evolvement contains so much more than ye realize

The starry flights of yesterday dim in comparison to what’s to come in This moment

Antiquatious elephants with stars on furry lapels

Golden and silvery flashes of pearls

Wide-eyed silvery moments that sparkle in the night

Diamonds fall into the Oneness of timeless moments

capturing the heart of momentary glimpses

of flashes unknown yet deeply desired and fully noticed

Oh the precious awareness when two hearts melt into One

When God's grandeur is noticed in the heart of stillness

This is Us

This is Love when seen through God's embrace

and hearts that notice the faintest memory of what's to come

when we open our eyes and listen

Now Dance my Friend

Peace yes it has been given to me

to softly guide me home

to ancient meadows, pastures light,

to lighten up my throne

The ancient lights of Galilee are calling out your name

Camels ride through starry nights to take you to your home

In waters soft you penetrate the ancient holy call,

to yield amongst the solitudes and travel to and fro

To wait for your enlightenment a fantasy, a lie

Just step into the bastion of stars and soften up your brow

The joy of letting go my friend is worth whatever it takes

To fuel the fire of life's light dance by basking in the now

Effort spent but well spent yes the answer to your fears,

that fall away like soft light clay when yield to light beyond

The light beyond it falls with grace into your mind again

When peace becomes the goal at hand you'll thank your lucky stars

for no thing bland will ever touch your brightened soft refrain

Now dance my friend and do not sink in sands of dark despair

When softness calls your holy mind to take the place of fear

You are the Splendor

You are the splendor of God his Self

How could you not be provided for?

Soak up the rays of love God has provided for you

Let Yourself become the pure channel of love that you are

Open your eyes to love’s undying Radiance

See the reflection of heaven in the speck on the floor

and be encased in the Grace of everlasting light

No matter how you see it, You’re free

Step into your greatness out from yesterday's demise

You cannot go astray

Step into your oneness, you deserve such grace and wonder

Step into the light of moments grand and canyons

The future is not yours to see so wallow not in misery under blankets of despair

but open up the moment into a wide-eyed grin

Soften out the edges of all your false despair

Capture fantastical splendors

This moment is your time

Come take this ride with me

You’re free


The Effervescent Moment


The effervescent moment is waiting for you now

to soften up your headspace

To drop the rock of illusion into the space of essence standing

The canyons of tomorrow are calling loud and light

The plains of doubt are fading

There is no Glass

Whether the glass is half full or half empty doesn’t matter

Let go of the idea of the glass and the water altogether

and stand in the antiquatious moment

The moment before time began

A Light in the World

Into this world of insanity and despair there appears a teacher of God

The light of brilliance standing against a backdrop of dark despair

There appears to be no answer, no solution to questions unanswered,

To frustrations deeply felt

To this the light of holiness descends

cutting through illusion with wings of solace

Enamouring the faintest touch of helpless despair

with wings to lift into the loveliness of light

Ancient angels call you to this moment

Come and be lifted in wings of love

There is no Tomorrow

There is no tomorrow

Get over the need to look beyond

This moment

Shine brightly

Sweetly soften

In the mystery of love

The River of the Flow

 To be in the flow is not to think of past

Come what may

Don't wait or hesitate

Just fill your cup today

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