Let the love light in

Stefanie's Book

Let the Love-Light In

This book is from the planes of distant shores where Mighty Angels reside.

They’ve come to help the ones who find their way here now.

Stefanie is just the vessel through which our love has found your attention in this moment in which our love abounds.

Falter not in this desperate state of tired and shaky stead.

This information will be astounding if you let it penetrate your mind.

So open up and let it do what it’s intended to.

This book contains the new codes coming forth to lighten up your load of sorry nights and faulty flights and major overload.

Let the Love-Light In,

The Mighty Angels



Absolutely beautiful… the 100 day journey, the angels and spirit, You!, everything. Thank you so much for receiving and sharing this gift. I’m so grateful. Whenever I open your book, there is no question as to the origin of Universal Truth. God Bless Your Presence on Planet Earth at this time, Stefanie. You are only beginning in a World Without End. Amen. 

These light-packets are absolutely amazing! What a gift and thank you for sharing it with us! What a message and the ease, grace and flow in the unfolding of the words. Divine! They are Epic! 

I believe simply sharing this book with more people will begin a gorgeous ripple effect.

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Stefanie talks about channeling the book