Quotes from the Mighty Angels


Your story ultimately is irrelevant. The content really just a distant memory on a foggy night. Bask not in past false illusions and mediocre memories, but rather stand tall in today’s moments.


The call to salvation is the call to oneness. It is not the call to get busy in the world and try to figure out your life. This will merely scatter your focus and sap your energy.

 You have a tendency to see yourselves as bleak and bereft of God’s light. Not necessarily in a way that is purposely diminishing of yourselves, you are simply not capable of seeing yourselves as God sees you.  

 There are really no words to describe what you are like in our eyes, but suffice it to say it’s a celebratory event of total oneness and sparkling joy to see you standing there on the edge of life.  

 You are capable now of helping in a way that is it meaningful and deep. Never doubt your ability to assist and uplift your fellow man.  

 You were created to create God’s beautiful story and to settle into the oneness of His holy light. Never forget your mission here on earth. Rise dear holy child. and stand tall in your field today. 


When thoughts of tomorrow enter your stream of consciousness they hide the light from your awareness.


Never forsake your higher self in favor of the worries of this world. This world is a mere pittance compared to the awesome splendor within the universe of your mind. Within the universe within.


To do your salutations at sunrise means to clear the mind of all the clutter. This is a central piece moving forward on your path, into deeper levels of peace.


The world has a tendency to pull you out of your peace, but each time this potential emerges, it is up to you to pull yourself back into the peace of love.


It is time to capture the fantastical splendor of your true self,  and you do this not by keeping up with the Jones’ but by saturating the moment with your originality and sweet honesty, and by doing what you want to do with your whole heart. 


It is time to stop giving your power away to the structures and illusions and demands of this world. It is time to rise above what you think you should be doing based on a false sense of responsibility, and rise into “what do I want?”, “What does my soul want for me?” And then move into this with all the passion of the heaven itself supporting you and moving you into this.



“This too shall pass” is a statement for those who are doing the deep transformational work in their own minds.  It is not just a complacent fantasy. It takes inner commitment and dedication to free yourself, and in so doing you will be deeply grateful to yourself for rising to the occasion of your own free mind. 


Even in the case of seemingly insurmountable odds, Spirit resides and sees the solution.


Now, Let’s forget about the past and focus on the present


Light includes everyone in our life. If we are to directly experience the new light codes that are penetrating consciousness right now, we must include everyone in our life, in this light.


Find your inner sanctuary, the glowing light within. We know your very heart, we know what you need, so give the thoughts of lack and lean back to the love-light so we can help you on this very day.


Find your Inner Sanctuary we'll take care of the rest


 Beyond this door before you is wonder from afar

There's no such thing as money, there's only love.


It's impossible to be grateful and resentful at the same time. Gratitude tops attitude!


You don't have to use your mental activity to figure out what to say and do. Allow what to say and do to come to you.


How you are seeing when you’re looking at the world is a deep distortion. That is why you need help. But you don’t think you need help, that is why you do need it.


There is no past or future in a mind that's filled with love.


You have to want love fully for it to enter into your mind.


Open the door and let us soar from our mind into yours.


It’s okay to want abundance it is your very right.


You wouldn’t see the light of the heavens if it wasn’t for the darkness.


All pain is a self-inflicted fantasy of greatness without God.

 We cannot know ourselves without God because our Self is God. 


The new law of love is this: What you hold in thought becomes your reality, so hold in thought high scenes of your high self.

 Believe. Do what you love, and money will fall to your lap from unexpected Sources.  A reflection of the one source which is love. Enjoy your fare. 

 Those times that we are facing the unknown are the times that we are learning the most.  Trust that all is good, all is right and all is well.  

 Your needs will be met as you raise your vibration and focus more on doing that than on trying desperately to control the upcoming events of your life.  

  Amp up your forgiveness work.  This is the correct use of will. To capture fear in the moment and turn it into something else by Giving it to Someone else.  

 Do not be concerned with money as that will come from unexpected Sources and delightful places.  

Darkness is not the truth. And you get to Transcend this sickly state as soon as you make the decision to do so. Let bursts of light replace the fearful sight in this moment.  

 When the mind slips into thoughts - good and bad - from yesterday, just know that you have gone temporarily insane. Yesterday is the biggest illusion on the planet.  

 Spend not another minute collapsing your energy into distortions from your past. Open up with wide-eyed grandeur and accept the blissful Isness that is streaming in through the top of your head right now.  

 Look back no more. There is nothing to look back to except an empty bin containing shadows and smoky cinders. You deserve the glorious oneness of this brilliant moment. Celebrate it now.  

 Let solitude find you so you can be unimpeded and open like an empty journal of wide-open space. Let God’s love fill you and find you through shimmering channels pouring into your mind.  

 There are many paths to enlightenment. A multitude of vistas for you to view. You have already settled on your main path, and this is good. Your main path is the one you keep coming back to, over and over again. 


We see your motivation for oneness, for stillness and for Allness. 

 We see that in your heart of hearts your desire for growth far outweighs your desire for stagnation.

 You will be shown the path of light-filled least resistance in each and every moment. Just hand over that which is not of the light – to the light.

 It is so essential to your happiness that you  are sinking deeply into the present moment.   

 You now know that “to get things moving” really means to open up to love, and this is bringing you incredible love and happiness.  

 You are only now truly touching on the Reality that we have been telling you about for many years.  

Let forgiveness be the path to an open mind and uncluttered heart where you will feel the freedom and know your oneness with source, and others.


There is nothing to fear. The splendor of the universe awaits you now and asks only that you release your tight expectations and salutations of limited awareness.

From Archangel Michael

 It is time to activate your third eye of oneness. This will be very easy as you go into the Vastness of no thought, the territory of oneness.   

From Archangel Michael

 Enlightenment is a choice, not some prime accolade bestowed upon a chosen few. You choose yourselves. And you can be delighted indeed when you make that choice.   

From Archangel Michael

 The work of forgiveness and courageous transformation has served you well.

Archangel Michael & Friends

 We can see that you are gloriously grateful for all that was, and all that is. This is the ticket to freedom. The gateway towards higher realms of consciousness.  

This is the time for peeling away the mask of self-doubt, disdain and despair. Let fakeness fall like the embers of the night. You deserve the grandeur of being yourself.

You are a magnificent child of the creator of the universe. Never forget how important you are. 

Never settle for standing behind someone else in the shadows. Stand bright in your own light and roll out the carpet for your own feet. 

You will recognize other mighty companions. You will be drawn together on the planes of mighty love.

This life has served you well, and you are ready.

Take heart, stand tall, and be yourself.

The depth of our awareness is unlimited, once we release the understandings we hold about ourselves and others.

We don’t think we need help, which is why we do need it. And we won’t accept that help until we understand deeply that we do need it, and want it. 

There is no perspective like the Holy Spirit’s perspective.

His is the only perspective which brings us peace and long-last relief for the mind.

I’m telling you, you’re not sick, or weak, or frail. These are just cover ups veiling the magnitude of your essence.

The Holy Spirit & The Council of Light

Just step aside and let us show you the truth in each and every moment. 

Let your destiny be revealed to you. Let it pour forth from the heavens above to ignite your soul and excite your spiritual quest.

Strive to fulfill your destiny through time and space, and it will be revealed to you.

Let this situation become a breeding ground for the Miracle., which is the shift out of fear.  

 Your only responsibility in any situation is to shift from fear to love. Your only responsibility is to soar in love 

We must practice the art of pulling back, yielding, and releasing our own need and compulsion to think ourselves into oblivion. 

We think we need to be wondering and worrying all the time. And as long as we think we need to be doing this we will do it, and we will be given reasons to wonder and worry. 

The structural elements that make up disease and strife go away and disintegrate in the presence of glorious love.  

 Go to the source of your pain, which is always in the mind, and undo it at its cause, which is always the belief in separation.  Separation from source.  

God would have us in quiet Joy and perfect oneness of Self. All else is a fallacy and a direct result of the belief in separation. 

 De-stable-ment is ultimately for the purpose of focusing the mind and searching the soul for the truth within. 

Become a master of rising into infinity and watch the miracles unfold, witness the healing ensue and the abundance multiply.

Blessings come, not in anticipation of what is to come, but rather in recognition for what is. In simple stillness all delights awaken. 

As a light worker you are here not to answer the call of every little call that is out there, but rather you are here to answer to the light.

The light of love is calling to you now. A light so profound you will never want again for anything. There is no lack in light. 

It is not necessary to linger longer in sadness and lack and the cycles propagated as a result of the belief in both.  

There are millions of people who don’t have a clue who they are. They settle for cycles of lack and believe this is the way of life. This dance going nowhere, across the floor of time, is rooted in false perceptions of self- hood.

Let yourself be pared down into the essence of your own beingness. It doesn’t matter how it starts, as hidden beliefs are uncovered and given over to the love-light.

It is impossible to be healed at the physical level, but only at the level of thoughts, that are recognized, released and healed. This has the power to heal the mind, which in turn heals the physical being or bo

Recognize the belief, remove it from your mind, give it to the Holy Spirit, and let the healing of the mind ensue. Let light fill the space that the miscreated thought or belief occupied. 

All is in perfect alignment for your soul’s mission here on this precious earth, at this precious time.  

 You can do anything your heart of hearts knows and desires to be right for you.  You are a creator of the Creator. 

 Within your mind God’s angels reside.  

It takes commitment to growth and steadfast effort to breathe in the newness of your ever-expanding spiritual life in the face of perceived darkness and dissonance all around you and even in your own mind.  

Peace and harmony is within, never without. Peace and harmony without does not even exist, except in the folly of your own perception.

Our Prime Forgiveness Opportunity

There is one thing in our life that we can’t figure. We cannot seem to surpass it no matter how hard we try. This is called our prime forgiveness opportunity.  In order to excel and transform it we must learn to let it go in a way that is deeply transformational and empowering. Once we surpass it we will know it, as we feel a deep abiding peace that has replaced the long-standing grievance. 

To teach is to demonstrate.  To make the crooked places straight within the mind of twisted afflictions and inflictions. 

What is a Mighty Companion?

A mighty companion is someone who shows up in your life, seemingly out of the blue. But this is not a chance encounter, rather a perfectly planned event, designed with your salvation in mind.

What is a Mighty Companion?

A mighty companion is a brother who has been sent to you from the heart of God to help bring you home to the oneness of love.

Falter not to the demands of this world and the old guilt-ridden ways of motivating you. They will no longer support the lofty path destined for you. 

We the angels of heaven are beyond your awareness, and yet infill it gladly with your recognition and still mind.

From Archangel Michael

Deep lights within are being activated by the heavens. Your soul is frolicking and chirping and leaping and calling you to celebrate and step in to the grand oasis of your destiny.

From Archangel Michael

Keep on keeping on. We are there. You are here. But that is just semantics. We are with you always. 

Let light fill your mind as you settle your eyes on your brother, to the point where you are saturated with love light.    

From the Angels of the Starry Realms

If you knew who walked beside you on the way to glory and wonder you would settle into stillness now and taste the sweet nectar of your budding ecstasy.  

Instead of focusing your mind on what you’re going to do, zero in on how you’re going to feel. This is the fortifier and indicator of events to come.  

Turn your face up to the sky and with eyes closed feel our love pour down on you encapsulating every cell in your perfect self.

Rather than frack for the meaning, let the meaning wash over you in its glory, wholeness and deep wells of understanding.

Let grasping for understanding fall away, to be replaced with the recognition of truth and light when you see and hear it. It will find your mind, buzz through its caverns, and add to the light of you today.

Archangel Raphael

Embrace each relationship on your path as you move forward in the coming weeks, and notice those moments where you are being called into the rising tide within, to bob up and meet your foe as friend, your enemy as pal, and your long lost brother as the holy Christ he is.

A healer heals by heeding nothing but the truth. So let truth be your guide, your gut and your galvanizing agent in the times ahead.

Let your salutations at sunrise get your mind right and your heart straight, so you can enter your inner ear in silence and flower out into the universe itself with gifts of grace for your fellow comrades on the path. 

All good things come to those who let go. 

Know that others are exactly where they are for a very good reason and that they are capable of creating a brand-new reality for themselves should they desire to do that for themselves.

Your job is to stand in the light for your brothers and sisters who are currently in their reality of the night.  Be there for them by beaming there for them.  

Celebrate yourself in each and every moment and understand how truly far you have come into this moment of grace, for all the world to see. 

Know that you are a high and mighty creature; an agent for change in a world that needs you now. 

In the moment the impulse to fall from grace and settle into dark thoughts arises, stress the importance to yourself to rise and shine instead.

Abandon all thoughts of darkness in the moment. Learn to recognize them quickly and send them on their way without trying to understand or hash them out.

Your inner butterfly is awakening in this moment depending on nothing but your own desire for ignition.

The fifth dimensional realm is penetrating consciousness at a rapid rate, and you won’t want to miss its glorious serum, as it penetrates as wholeness today. 

You were born to rise into God’s glorious essence. Let nothing less than this soothe with your soul and ignite your engines of desire.

Instead of sullying the playing field with thoughts of a lack and lean, capture the Reality of the moment as you allow the essence of diamonds and pearls to infill your aura.

Practice your ability to shine away your fears with the newness of now and the sweet redemption of an imaginary past.

You are becoming seasoned at choosing the diamond light over the dreary darkness.

You are not a flimsy damsel succumbing to nocturnal emblems of fear. You were born to shine as a grand master in time, to offer salve and bandages that heal the hearts of those around you. 

Notice the urge to react and catch it in the moment so that the light of spirit can replace it with the ways of glory