Bless you Stefanie Finn

For your unconditional heart

For the Love you channel

For the Hollow Reed you have become

The Light you see, the Pen, the Drum!


I’m keeping this message to remind me that I’m living my purpose even when it is not apparent. I’m very touched by this and feel uplifted. You are a precious gift to us all, Stefanie. 

 Some days I think these messages are just for me.  I hope you know how much strength , hope and courage you give everyone by these messages.  It’s the first thing I want to read every morning when my eyes open.  

 You have brought us such understanding and happiness with what you channel. Thank you just doesn't even begin to say how I feel about your work.  

 Such beautiful words this morning.  Thank you.  Keep sending your channels and messages of Love 

Thank you so much Stefanie for what you share with us all. I love you, I bless you and I honor you .  


This world is on the brink of awakening and you are a valuable leader on this human journey....Thank you!  

 Thanks for accepting the call, on behalf of the Mighty Angels and a world full of receptors answering the Call.  

 Mind officially blown! Cried through a lot of this [channel] as it resonates on a level I find difficult to explain but not to anyone here. It’s a gift beyond imagination! 

 Such Comfort, Beauty and Joy arriving always when it is needed the most, Stefanie! Thank you for all you are and do.  Thank you for your Service. 

I cannot thank you and the Mighty Angels enough for the gifts and support that you so incredibly share.  I have been touched and am in deep appreciation.  I re-read the message [my own angel channel]  many times last night and this morning,  I am comforted and renewed.


These channelings are not of this world and we’re so fortunate that you hear them and bring their word to us. 

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 So POWERFUL, Stef!  You with your Mighty Companions are definitely the bright Spring Refresher we needed! Thank you dear Soul.  We know we are never alone with all your Reminders of Holy Presence! 

 I am very impressed that you have the courage to accept the inspiration and messages being sent from Heaven through its Messengers which, as the Course teaches, makes you a true Teacher of God. We all are, says Jesus; many are called but few are chosen. I guess the Universe knew you would act on it. Thank you for embracing Love on our behalf and may God’s richest Blessings be yours always, dear Stefanie.

 Just listened to your radio show…just wanted to tell you how proud I am of you and how happy that you are doing your life’s work…your genuineness and love are drawing people to their own light…it is AWESOME….you are awesome. 


Hi Stefanie…Great work you’re doing…

You are in your glory and right where you belong - cradled in His arms and looking as Holy Spirit would from above!


I've been following your channels since you wrote your book Stephanie and they are

have been feeding my soul daily. They are so loving and inspiring and I would like to 

thank you from the bottom of my heart!

 Stefanie darling,  

It is so promising to read these messages from the mighty Angels.  I take it into my heart. 

Thank you. You are blessed.


 You are a servant leader. You give your life to what you do and give it all for your mighty companions. 

 This world needs light. It needs you. You’ve undergone a transformation from fear to love and you are taking your place in the Great Awakening, and helping those who wish to follow the same path. 


I always knew you were capable of great creativity. Well done.



One can pay back the loan of gold, but one dies forever in debt to those who are kind. ~Malayan Proverb

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