Freedom's Bell

In the acceptance of what is you stand grand 

with your face towards the sun

There are no hidden beliefs cutting you open like a knife

You can relax and enjoy the show

When I stop my song of innocence to wallow in misery 

I become as I am not

I see fears instead of stars

I am asking for deep help in these moments 

I am asking for freedom’s bell to focus my mind 

so I can notice my tendency and willingly let it go

and let it be released into the stream of innocence, 

back to the One Who Knows

Be done with the false interpretation of your innocent Self

Let the pain and false prophet of disaster leave you 

in a sweet moment of surrender and innocence restored

And in the deep appreciation for your waking heart, you are free


The Awakening is Here

There’s not a single solitary 

misguided moment in this universe 

that love will not touch

No sparrow in the sky will be forsaken

Every rock on every beach will be glorified in liquid love

The Holy Spirit will sing in the ear 

of benevolent kings and stony sailors

Holy Spirit will unite us 

like sunlight flowing across the mountainous terrain, 

showering the fields of daisies, 

pansies and every flower imaginable

Like a bridge over troubled waters 

He will save us from ourselves

We cannot go wrong when our 

Mightiest of Companions comes calling

His love is for us, through us and in us

Sickness will dissolve like tablets in steamy waters

Hell will turn to Home

The awakening is here

It is present, it is among us,

it is happening at quick-speed 

and high-pitched perfection

Know no other love but His

and watch the ego’s world of helpless and hopeless 

spin on its heels into a golden sanctuary 

where peace reigns 

waking up the mightiest of moments

in which there is no end, no beginning

Just the soft embrace of eternal love


The Garden

There is a garden at the center of creation
Take me there today
With flowers for my hair and roses for my soul
Take me there today

In ecstasy I see His face
I know His very heart
The center of creation knows the dreams,
they are not real
They scratch and bait their way
into the essence of my heart
and throw me off my game at night
to tear me at the seams

But glory has its way of finding me
when all seems lost
and settling bets in one felt swoop
to open up my heart

At last we see there’s nothing to fear
and everything to celebrate
When we know of His glorious love
And Rise to meet Him there


You Have a Sky to Fly Into

The parameter is now
There is nothing else to think about or know about

You can bask in the glow of no-thought only when you recognize the nonsensical nature of seeing yourself as anything less than an innocent child of a loving God

Thoughts will come and go
but you will remain untouchable
Unfathomable to the human eye
Unknowable to the human mind

Bask in the glory of your risen mind
See yourself as we see you
Know your oneness with the All
and let the pettiness of the small,
insignificant wonderings and worryings
topple over into the under-ling plane of nothingness

You have a sky to fly into
An epic oneness to explore
A heart to settle
and a series of miracles to witness unfolding
before the presence of your glorious self

With hearts overflowing we love you to the moon and back

~ the Angels of the Starry Realms

Channeling Angelic messages
Channeling Angelic messages

A Prayer for Innocence

Bask in the embassy of God’s love

See us here today

Holy is the embassy that saturates itself in freedom’s reign

and sits atop the high chair of the heavens

and stands as the winds swirl around their head, 

noticing the spider spin its web to the left

As heavy chains roar and scrape across the floor, 

your song remains deep and clear as a soft bell in the light 

Stop not your task as chains roar 

and the whistles of the sailors interrupt your countenance 

Nothing can stop a soul dedicated love

Hallowed be

In the name of love



A Romp in The Way

 Let your mind be in a state of emptiness
Let the high planes of existence enter your field
Let the high plane of mastery soothe your mind
Let the love games fill your mind with ease

In a sudden twist of fate everything will change
as pressure is relieved
and the mind is keen on awakening

The One is The Way to happiness, health and growth
Be Here Now and forsake all else
in the chamber of the time collapse

And with a glorious romp in The Way
all else above the clouds
will tumble like a tray of diamonds of light
bearing gifts to a mind of ease, grace
and precious equilibrium
so light expression becomes The Way


A Place in You

There is a place in you
that touches the highest light in the universe

The shallow is gone when entering into this state

There is no penetrating the mystery
because the mystery is gone
to be replaced with Gods resplendent light,
the blazing Light of all-knowing love
and timeless awareness beyond space

As a bee gravitates to the honey
your soul is pulled to light,
to a frequency so high up
that the ages are banned from awareness
and only exquisite ecstasy remains
to soothe a mind that has forgotten how to love
but knows it just the same

In sweet recognition let your soul soar
to capture the honey of the all-knowing Source

How about stopping to smell the highest frequency rose
in the garden of pure love?