Stefanie Finn Channeler


Stefanie is a channeler of the Mighty Angels, an Ordained Minister of A Course in Miracles,  writer,  speaker and spiritual guide. 

After many years of applying the profound teachings of A Course in Miracles, along with a daily practice of releasing her thoughts for extended periods, she began to receive profound information from angels.  Within five short days of this initial contact she scribed a book of 100 exquisite poems (and she's not a poet).  Since the book was channeled, she has received an additional 150 poems and over 200 full informational channels from the planes of distant shores where Mighty Angels reside. .  .

Her passion is to share the channeled information and also everything she is learning about channeling. 

She offers personal channels and spiritual mentoring.

She shares her gifts through internet radio programs such as C-View, and a variety of workshops on spiritual growth. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Memorial University of Newfoundland.