Stefanie Finn Channeler


Stefanie is a Light Worker bringing the angelic realm to the earth-plane at this most glorious time. She is a channeler of the Mighty Angels, an Ordained Minister of A Course in Miracles,  writer,  speaker and spiritual guide. 

After many years of applying the profound teachings of A Course in Miracles, along with a daily practice of releasing her thoughts for extended periods, she began to receive profound information from angels.  Within five short days of this initial contact she scribed a book of 100 exquisite poems (and she's not a poet).  Since the book was channeled, she has received an additional 150 poems and over 200 full informational channels from the planes of distant shores where Mighty Angels reside. .  .

Her passion is to share the channeled information and also everything she is learning about channeling. 

She offers personal channels and spiritual mentoring.

She shares her gifts through internet radio programs such as C-View, and a variety of workshops on spiritual growth. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Memorial University of Newfoundland.


The first poem in the book, from the angels. . .


We the ancient angels 

of love so sweet and strong 

are bringing words of ecstasy 

of a long-forgotten song

We the mighty angels 

are answering to your call 

for simple succulent wisdom 

to free you from the fall

Take no thought of how or why 

Just gently heed these words 

The light from them will do the rest 

and softly guide you home

It doesn’t matter what you’ve done 

or how you view yourself 

We bid you now to see your light 

and find your inner mirth

The angels now they know you 

They know your very heart 

You’ve subscribed to Oneness 

much longed for from the start

The packets that you read here 

are designed to wake you up 

To release a joy and inner light

 and expand within your cup

We come to you with wisdom 

on pages shining forth 

We’re standing at the precipice 

of love’s eternal hearth

Just stay the straight and narrow 

and travel through these panes 

Open each one quietly 

and let it light its flame

We the angels of heaven 

have come to call you out 

from your long night of sacrifice 

and deep unyielding drought

We the angels of heaven 

are here to fill you now 

with love’s embrace 

and soft white space 

to countenance your brow

We’ve gathered up the harvest 

with these mere ancient words 

containing all the wisdom 

to lay you down your swords

We the mighty angels 

We love you from above 

We hover here outside your fear 

with wings to lift you up

We the holy messengers 

are dropping words of light 

to open up the segue 

to a future oh so bright

We’re gathered all together 

to heed the ancient call 

Sit back, enjoy the moment 

and let these words befall

Ancient codes of wonder 

released onto you 

Releasing inhibitions 

to bring you forth your due

We the mighty angels 

are calling out your name 

to help you with the turmoil 

and step beyond the pain

We the angels of heaven 

are sending words of light 

to penetrate your mind 

and waken up your Sight

We the mighty angels 

are here to help you now 

so come onto the light within 

for bliss is here and now!

Here from mighty heavens 

and magnificent crystal grids

The angels bright will sing to you

with sparkle on their wings

So let yourself absorb them 

and wash over your sweet soul 

For we the mighty angels 

are here to help you now

Copyright 2019, Stefanie Finn . All rights reserved.