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In May of 2019,  I met Lloyd at A Course in Miracles Conference in Boston. The Holy Spirit quickly made it clear that this was to be a holy relationship, used by God for the purpose of the Great Awakening.  We are on a journey of a life-time and have no idea how we'll be used, but we're ready!

Guided Mentoring

We have both been studying A Course in Miracles for over 20 years and each offer our own unique style of guided counsel. All Course teachers teach differently simply because they are all coming from different life experience. We are offering guided mentoring by appointment via Zoom or Facebook video conferencing.  Please feel free to reach out to us as a couple or one of us. We're here to help! 

Below is some of the guidance I channeled from the Holy Spirit since we first met. If these channels spark your interest or move you to explore further, we're here to help you delve deeper and guide you with clarity and ease.

Some of the themes of focus could be...

  • Releasing the false past
  • Releasing your false persona
  • Transforming old patterns into a new frequency
  • Releasing limitations to the light
  • Listening
  • Cultivating trust
  • Setting your sights on holiness and releasing the need for specialness
  • Putting God first


Channels about Holy Relationship

It Is Time

It is time to bask in the sunrise of our love

To see each other completely without conditions or a false past

To burn a light that propagates throughout the cosmos of time and space

This is what we do as lovers in the light

We cannot know what love is until we release our false personas

We rock the truth because we know no other way 

I will see you in a forever moment as I gaze into your eyes, soaking up the knowing that all is well when I release my limitations to the light

We will sleep together under the stars of one love, and know no boundaries  

We will reach through high winds to listen to one another

If I see your falling countenance, I will reach within for God’s love, that we may be lifted together back into the plains of innocence

We are a glorious, harmonious inception born from the Will of God’s love

May grace befall us as we journey inward, onward and upward towards the capitulating moment, when all is an eternal, blissful spectrum, showing us our oneness under the sky of God’s love

Channeled by Stefanie Finn


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Two beautiful lights shining brightly together. Let the Holy Spirit’s use of this relationship shine forth. It will be both for further releasing of specialness (the undoing of the false self-concept) and for helping others -  by demonstrating the willingness to have all specialness released. 


Cate Grieves

New Love

In the mountain rain
our eyes were fresh with new love
as we took each others’ hand
and progressed sweetly
towards the northern gate

The light within us is now
our mighty testimonial

It was the truth that set us free
and released us from our past

The emotional pain is what got us to the light,
and now we lay it at the fount and release it with glee

Your step towards me saved us eons of time
as we now penetrate the mystery of oneness together
and save all the little birds from having to struggle
against the wind of time and perceived disaster

In oneness we will see the light beyond the trees
and bring a brisk new light from minds joined

Celebrate this morning’s love with me
and come home to a new nest of innocence

Let’s pray together now from one love to many hearts, 

and walk our precious mossy path together, 

towards the truth

Channeled by Stefanie Finn 


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Holy Relationship

It’s the term used for a spectacular unfolding in time and space, occurring not by chance or happenstance but through a series of predetermined events, an orchestration and coherence into a oneness project, where two hearts beat as one and rock the tendencies for the greater good.

It’s a litmus test of innocence and love.

A companion that has been plucked from the universe for you.

In the Holy Relationship we know no love but His, and celebrate it with each other, as completed beings of the light, in a frequency of oneness.

It is a venue for mutual understanding and fortitude.

It is a gateway into the unknown, towards new projects and adventures.

The unity of the Sonship is your one goal through time and space.

It is a frequency representing the unity of the Sonship.

It is a release from the past as we step blatantly into a brand new sunrise of innocence and inner silence, where we nourish each other’s hearts as one.

There is an opening of love in the midst of our presence and stillness. A balance point from which the compass points north.

The nocturnal fears no longer haunt our past. The way to truth is open.

Channeled by Stefanie

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 If this content strikes a chord with you and you'd like help relating it to yourself or your relationship - we can help. Book a guided mentoring session