Brand New Healing Modalities

With the brand new light codes pouring into the earth-plane now, there will also be an emergence of brand new healing modalities. The essence of this particular cluster of healing methods will be Epic Eye Activation (pineal gland) and Soul Mission Awakening.

Two of these are now available on Stefanie’s website, along with Distant Healing with the Angels


Soul Mission Awakening

C$ 100.00
Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card


Soul Mission Awakening - You were born to express yourself in a way that gladdens the hearts and entices the minds of those around you. You were born to align with a mission so grand that angels will come to lift you into the playing field of doing so. 

In this session Stefanie will align with the angels to bring forth and reveal to you your soul mission, and soul mission statement. 

Align your soul mission awakening

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There is a place in your where pure healing resides

Stefanie Finn, Channeler