Brand New Healing Modalities

With the brand new light codes pouring into the earth-plane now, there will also be an emergence of brand new healing modalities. The essence of this particular cluster of healing methods will be Epic Eye Activation (pineal gland)  and Soul Mission Awakening. 

Two of these are now available on Stefanie’s website, along with Distant Healing with the Angels


Epic Eye Activation

C$ 100.00
Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

 An epic eye activation is an opportunity to glow from within.

See yourself as a light in the cosmos.

Enter into a state of stillness and let Stefanie foster a gentle journey to awaken an enlightenment peak. Let bliss peek through and show you to yourself.


Epic Eye Activation - The pineal gland is the center of seeing beyond the veil and into the vastness of universal oneness. An epic eye activation has the potential to unlock the parameters placed on the mind. Release the oneness in your mind’s eye. See beyond the pale into vistas unknown to you before. Set your light aright by increasing the frequency of this pinpoint of light located in the middle of your glorious mind’s eye. You have the capacity for greatness and this is the portal through which greatness will find you. 


The angels on high are documenting the benefits of a high and mighty activation such as this...

  • A razor- sharp awareness of your essential self
  • A foreseeing of  future potentials
  • A peaceful entry way into the kingdom of heaven (here on earth)
  • A noticing of similarities with others
  • A deepening of your compassionate field and ability to love
  • A settling into the depth of your own field, which is a powerhouse of peace and resplendent fulfillment

Align your Epic Eye Activation

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There is a place in you where pure healing resides

Stefanie Finn, Channeler