Stefanie is a Light Worker bringing the angelic realm to the earth-plane at this most glorious time. She is a floating gypsy of the love-light; a traveling mystic through time and space. She is an Ordained Minister of A Course in Miracles, an author of the book “Let the Love-Light In”, and a channeler of the Mighty Angels. She shares her gifts through internet radio programs such as C-View, monthly Zoom meetings, one-on-one council, and a variety of workshops on spiritual growth. She has a Bachelor of Arts from Memorial University of Newfoundland and was awarded the YMCA Peace Medal for her work as a Spiritual Leader in the community.  She currently resides in Paradise, Newfoundland, next to Angel’s Road. Go figure.

Welcome to my Website!

In May of 2017 I was visited by a group of Angels who introduced themselves  to me as “We the Angels of Heaven.”

This was followed by a period in which I channeled (or received) a book from these Angels in 5 short days.

This was a massive event in my life, as overnight I was ushered into a whole new reality.

I continue to navigate this new life as my relationship with the Angels and the Holy Spirit evolves.

I am deeply grateful for their presence in my life, and do everything I can – including daily meditation, A Course in Miracles, and lots of letting go- to nourish this relationship with the angels, so we can work together in this beautiful collaboration.

Please feel free to explore this website where you will find different expressions from the Angels, from beautiful poems to full informational channels.

The Angels told me recently that they will move from topic to topic, style to style and tone to tone, so I hope you enjoy the ride as much as do!

And please Follow me on Facebook where I share new messages from the Angels and Holy Spirit as soon as they are given to me.

With much Love-light,


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