Stefanie is the Author of the new book Let the Love-Light In –  from the  Planes of Distant Shores where Mighty Angels Reside.  She is a teacher, writer, channeler and guide, and an Ordained Minister of a Course in Miracles.

 Stefanie shares her spirit and passion through Radio programs such as C-View, as well as offers a variety of workshops on Expanding Consciousness and Spiritual Growth.   She has dedicated her life to the Great Awakening that is currently taking place on this planet.

She has a Bachelor of Arts from Memorial University and was awarded the YMCA Peace Medal for her work as a Spiritual Leader in the community.  She currently resides in Paradise, Newfoundland, next to Angel’s Road. Go figure.


I am very impressed that you have the courage to accept the inspiration and messages being sent from Heaven through its Messengers which, as the Course teaches, makes you a true Teacher of God. We all are, says Jesus; many are called but few are chosen. I guess the Universe knew you would act on it. Thank you for embracing Love on our behalf and may God’s richest Blessings be yours always, dear Stefanie

Just listened to your radio show…just wanted to tell you how proud I am of you and how happy that you are doing your life’s work…your genuineness and love are drawing people to their own light…it is AWESOME….you are awesome.

Hi Stefanie…Great work you’re doing…

You are in your glory and right where you belong
cradled in His arms and looking as Holy Spirit would from above!


You are a servant leader. You give your life to what you do and give it all for your friends and seminar guests.

I like your approach, your honesty, your gentle and equally strong manner, your lack of preachiness. That works for me. I wish I lived closer to the “enlightenment hub” of St. John’s and I would attend your classes.

As my inner being decided to not be ignored any more, Spirit lead me to Stefanie and her teachings.  There was no looking back after this stepping stone was put in place.  Stefanie’s truths have changed my life.   She defines love.

Tina O’Brien

Bless you and your uncompromising work for a Loving Universe. So proud I know you.

Stefanie’s principles are based on the teachings around A Course In Miracles, her own brand of inspired messages,  plus her own life lessons. She is an enjoyable, effective awakener in her most gentle yet impactful way. I have learned so very much from her lessons and conversations. Join her in a workshop for a new experience you never really knew you could have,  all for you!

Her gatherings are a sacred space where people often tell of feeling empowered, loved and relieved of false beliefs they’ve held about themselves.

Stefanie’s being, experience, insights and knowing flows in channels of healing and love. She understands about the underlying unity of all being and the illusory nature of separateness. I trust her and commend her to anyone seeking to awaken from the dream.

-Paul March, Mental Health Coordinator for Eastern Health

We sincerely appreciate all the effort, talent, compassion
and skill you put into these amazing sessions.
You have helped move us forward in empowering women
during our first year in our new home.

Leslie MacLeod,
Executive Director
St. John’s Status of Women Council
Women’s Centre

Stefanie Finn is an astounding individual whom I have had the great pleasure of getting to know in recent years. Her dedication to inspiring individuals in the ways of positive energy and personal peace-making is quite incredible. I am a richer person for knowing her and for having experienced her motivating and supportive influence. I highly recommend her as a personal trainer of the spirit.
-Sheilagh O’Leary, St. John’s

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