I listened to your segment on this radio show and feel so proud that the lightworkers of Newfoundland, you in particular, are shining knowledge, expertise and love of life to others. Good job.

I just listened to your radio show…just wanted to tell you how proud I am of you and how happy that you are doing your life’s work…your genuineness and love are drawing people to their own light…it is AWESOME….you are awesome.

Dear Stefanie,

Thank you so much for those 4 days of videos and teachings from the Mighty Angels. They were a life-line for me and I waited with baited breath every day and listened to them over and over. I appreciated your humble candor and everyone of Their  words.

I am very impressed that you have the courage to accept the inspiration and messages being sent from Heaven through its Messengers which, as the Course teaches, makes you a true Teacher of God. We all are, says Jesus; many are called but few are chosen. I guess the Universe knew you would act on it. Thank you for embracing Love on our behalf and may God’s richest Blessings be yours always, dear Stefanie

Bless you and your uncompromising work for a Loving Universe. So proud to know you.


You have a way of speaking, writing, and explaining that uncovers the truth. I appreciate that and you!

Hi Stefanie…Great work you’re doing…

You are in your glory and right where you belong
cradled in His arms and looking
as Holy Spirit would from above!

Feedback from  Stefanie’s Weekend Retreats

To be honest, Stefanie, the best doorway into A Course in Miracles besides the text itself has been working with you at the Radical Forgiveness weekend. I like your approach, your honesty, your gentle and equally strong manner, your lack of preachiness. That works for me. I wish I lived closer to the “enlightenment hub” of St. John’s and I would attend your classes.

This was the best, most humbling, most inspiring weekend that I have been to for years and years. Thanks to everyone who participated, for your friendship, honesty and warmth, and to Stefanie, the Creator of the weekend!

I loved how safe the retreat was to share with others and I could feel your love and strength. My understanding from the weekend was that we are all ‘ONE” ( LOVE) and that is what I am carrying with me.

Stefanie, I loved how you developed and ran this weekend. When one lets go and allows a weekend to “evolve”, it runs the risk of getting out-of-control, airy-fairy, flighty, too tangential, etc. I’ve seen this happen before with folks who say they are being guided by their spirits as they speak, but it ends up chaotic. With you, I trusted this process, just as I have trusted how you and I work together on the phone. You have done your work, dear Stefanie. You are truly connected, and honestly go forth with that connection. It showed all weekend. It all felt so deeply honest and true. And, I ended up empowered.

Thank you for an enlightening weekend retreat that was well organized and in a beautiful setting with lots of time to relax in between sessions.  The air was filled with a loving energy. We felt free to open up about our anxieties and bring our fears to the light of love and forgiveness, as a result, so much changed for all of us. You truly are a channel for divine love. The weekend reminded me that love is the answer to everything, and each day I will ask to be guided by divine love, not fear.

It was a beautiful retreat with like-minded people.  Stefanie has such a calmness about her, which makes it a pleasure to be in her company.  I learned so much about how fear can really take over us, and most importantly, how to forgive.

It was a blessed weekend, such outpouring of love and peace. The setting added to that as well. Would do it again. Lots of friends made.

Why Attend a Spiritual Retreat?

Praise for Stefanie’s Counselling

Stefanie’s principles are based on the teachings around A Course In Miracles plus her own life lessons. She is an enjoyable, effective awakener in her most gentle way. I have learned so very much from her lessons and conversations. Join her in a workshop for a new experience you never really knew you could have,  all for  you!

This world needs light. It needs you. You’ve undergone a transformation from fear to love and you are taking your place in the Great Awakening, and helping those who wish to follow the same path.


You are a servant leader. You give your life to what you do and give it all for your clients and seminar participants.

It’s been a long year with the separation with my husband. Things are falling into place and I’m so happy with my life now and have no regrets about leaving. It was long overdue and I didn’t realize how much toxicity I lived in and put my Body, Mind and Spirit thru until I left it.   Life is wonderful right now and I’m so glad I started on this path with energy healing and all the retreats and most importantly meeting you.   You would not believe how many times I’ve recalled what you’ve said and taught me thru the retreats and sessions. You’re truly an inspiration and mentor and I’m very grateful and blessed to have met you and have you as a part of my life for whatever reason that was meant to be.

Stefanie Finn has a calm, non-judgmental presence that gives one a space in which to freely open up to one’s own self. Stefanie is a wise confidant who creates beautiful sacred space for anyone who needs to resolve issues, meditate, or just get in touch with one’s own self. In the presence of Stefanie you can be sure you will feel the bliss of connected healing.

Mark Brown

As my inner being decided to not be ignored any more, Spirit lead me to Stefanie and her teachings.  There was no looking back after this stepping stone was put in place.  Stefanie’s truths have changed my life.   She defines love.

Tina O’Brien

Stefanie brings power to love and breath, when air seems scarce.

Sheilagh O’Leary

Stefanie has a real gift for conveying her messages about the universe, life and relationships in a way that has true meaning and is respectful of others’ views. She truly lives what she believes and is a real inspiration to many. I look forward to hearing her speak again in a venue that is a little closer than where she now practices…. Keep talking , believing and sharing Stefanie.

Dianne Finn-Wheeler

 It was the first Christmas after one of my dearest friends had left this earth. The grief I was feeling was impossible to describe. As I sat on my couch thinking about my loss I heard a car in the driveway. I went to my door and saw a lady coming up the driveway. For a moment the lady I saw reminded me so much of my friend I could hardly breathe. I opened the door and it was Stefanie. She told me she knew someone needed her that day and that when she left home she had no idea where she was going.  I truly believe that Someone knew where she was going and Stefanie followed His lead. Stefanie was my rainbow that day and I am still filled with gratitude for the comfort and peace she brought to my life that Christmas about five years ago.

Thank you, Stefanie

I have attended a number of Stefanie’s workshops.  Stefanie is able to encompass the spirit of meditation, love and genuine caring.  She is very knowledgeable and has the ability to empower her participants in all areas of body, mind, and spirit.  I would encourage anyone to attend Stefanie’s workshops if you wish to come away uplifted and wrapped in love!

Judy Ann

After Stefanie’s workshop I feel like I have been bathed and showered in love.

I’ve been all over the world and have seen many presenters, but I’ve only seen a few who can hold a space like you did today. You have a great gift.

Stef,I always knew you were capable of great creativity. Very well done. “One can pay back the loan of gold, but one lies forever in debt to those who are kind.”  [MALAYAN PROVERB]Love,Dad