Q & A

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Question: I have yet to understand the concept of evil – meaning pure evil, which is way beyond most of my grasp and horrifies me. I can understand how people perform evil acts out of unconsciousness, and that it is the courageous work of consciousness-raising that needs to be done to address that. But it is the unrepentant evil, the… Read more »

This week’s Message to Love – explained

  “You must be willing to let your feelings go in order to allow divine feelings to replace them.” (Message to Love) ‘Your feelings’ are emotions, or ‘living feelings’. They are generally what we experience in this life. From the moment we arise in the morning until we drift off to sleep each night – we are bound by the old emotional… Read more »

Experience A Course in Miracles

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A Course in Miracles is not an easy course. In fact sometimes it is downright excruciating. Marianne Williamson says that as you move, day-by-day, through it, it feels like the Holy Spirit is holding up a magnifying glass, showing you your blockages. Hence not an easy course. But something in me has gotten me on this particular path to transformation and kept me… Read more »

What you can expect from my gatherings

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Years ago I was offering a spiritual workshop at a local healing centre in St. John’s Newfoundland. Someone called the centre one afternoon and asked what the content and outline would be for my up-coming class, to which my friend, who owned the centre, replied: “It’s very difficult to say what it will be about. All I can tell you is… Read more »

Take it Easy

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From the time I was a teenager, up until recently, my Dad’s parting expression to me was always: “Take it easy” Back in my teens and into my twenties, when he would give me a ride to a party, or to school, or a friend’s house – before I would rush out of the car he would say, always with… Read more »