The Answer to your problems

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  Hello mighty companions, As you probably know, one of the main obstacles to enlightenment is the addiction to problems. Many people spend more time thinking about their problems than any other activity in their lives. Problems come in many forms. There are the complicated ones, the serious ones, and the minor ones.  And then there are the problems that… Read more »

There are many roads to enlightenment

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When you check out the events section of my website you will see that some events I offer are specifically focused on A Course in Miracles, while some are not. The reason for this is two-fold. The sessions that focus 100% on A Course in Miracles are for those who are new and avid students of The Course, and want… Read more »

“This is not about Donald Trump, it’s about you”

I have a feeling that if Hillary Clinton had won the election, most of us would have gone back to the status quo of our lives and not really given it much more thought. So the gift in this particular outcome is that it is shaking us up, rocking the boat, stirring our nests and making us notice our own reactions.

Inner miracles cause outer miracles

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Read my latest blog entry here Hi everyone,   A while ago a friend of mine said to me that A Course in Miracles wasn’t necessary, because all you have to do is feel good and life will take care of itself.   Although I wholeheartedly agree with her statement that “all you have to do is feel good and… Read more »

Exposing the ego

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Exposing the ego   A few nights ago I was listening to a spiritual video explaining that when you make a commitment to Awaken and invite the Spirit into your life to expedite this process, He accepts the invitation.     You would think that as soon as Spirit accepts this invitation your life would become one of gentle, soft… Read more »