Your Own Angel Channel

Your Own Angel Channel –  description

Stefanie is a light worker bringing the angelic realm to the earth-plane at this most glorious time.

Tapping into your essence, the angels will offer guidance for your soul and light for your path.

It is important to note that these sessions are not angel-card readings, or predictive psychic readings, but rather an opportunity to receive profound guidance from the archangels from mighty high-up planes.

I feel these channels are meant for those who are ready for true evolution and deep growth in their spiritual life.

Your channel will include an initial conversation with me, by way of Zoom video conferencing, a written channel, and then another short follow-cup Zoom session, if you like.

Fee is $100 CAD

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What friends are saying about their personalized angel channel

I cannot thank you and the Mighty Angels enough for the gifts and support that you so incredibly share.  I have been touched and am in deep appreciation.  I re-read my own angel channel many times last night and this morning,  I am comforted and renewed.

This is something I will cherish forever.  I needed this so much.