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Exposing the ego

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Exposing the ego   A few nights ago I was listening to a spiritual video explaining that when you make a commitment to Awaken and invite the Spirit into your life to expedite this process, He accepts the invitation.     You would think that as soon as Spirit accepts this invitation your life would become one of gentle, soft… Read more »

A very short blog post

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I have learned that the people on my path that cause me to get my back up are actually divine opportunities sent to me to break down my own resistances. What a beautiful thing to realize. In Reality, no one says or does anything to hurt you or thwart you, they do it so you can turn inwards towards how you feel, and work with that. That’s the point… Read more »

Q & A

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Question: I have yet to understand the concept of evil – meaning pure evil, which is way beyond most of my grasp and horrifies me. I can understand how people perform evil acts out of unconsciousness, and that it is the courageous work of consciousness-raising that needs to be done to address that. But it is the unrepentant evil, the… Read more »

This week’s Message to Love – explained

  “You must be willing to let your feelings go in order to allow divine feelings to replace them.” (Message to Love) ‘Your feelings’ are emotions, or ‘living feelings’. They are generally what we experience in this life. From the moment we arise in the morning until we drift off to sleep each night – we are bound by the old emotional… Read more »