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Experience A Course in Miracles

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A Course in Miracles is not an easy course. In fact sometimes it is downright excruciating. Marianne Williamson says that as you move, day-by-day, through it, it feels like the Holy Spirit is holding up a magnifying glass, showing you your blockages. Hence not an easy course. But something in me has gotten me on this particular path to transformation and kept me… Read more »

What you can expect from my gatherings

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Years ago I was offering a spiritual workshop at a local healing centre in St. John’s Newfoundland. Someone called the centre one afternoon and asked what the content and outline would be for my up-coming class, to which my friend, who owned the centre, replied: “It’s very difficult to say what it will be about. All I can tell you is… Read more »

Take it Easy

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From the time I was a teenager, up until recently, my Dad’s parting expression to me was always: “Take it easy” Back in my teens and into my twenties, when he would give me a ride to a party, or to school, or a friend’s house – before I would rush out of the car he would say, always with… Read more »