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You Are Being Prepared For Greatness. Tackle It With Glee!

We are the standards from high places. A group of angels that are working through you in this now moment. We know this seems far out there and it is. You asked for the highest level of truth available from the highest place. So here it is.


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Rise. It’s time to know the greatness and oneness of you. Keep listening. One of the most difficult things to accept is the not knowing. Those times that we are facing the unknown are the times that we are learning the most.  Trust that all is good. All is right and all is well.  What you need to know will… Read more »

Just tune in

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It’s only just begun for you.  Miracles abound all around as you yield to us more in the coming days. Falter not in this regard as this is your destiny through time and space. You won’t want to miss it. Tune in always my dear heart. We love you. With hearts over flowing yes we do and you can to. Just tune in.