Mighty Tools for Mighty Companions 

Dear Mighty Companions, As most of you know, I recently entered into a five-day writing episode that ended up being a book from presences who first introduced themselves to me as “We the Angels of Heaven.” The Angels have titled this book, Let the Love-Light In – From the Planes of Distant Shores Where Mighty Angels Reside. I can honestly say… Read more »

Why Attend a Spiritual Retreat?

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Why Attend a Spiritual Retreat? Over the years I have attended many spiritual retreats, as a presenter, attendee and co-ordinator.  And even though each retreat has been vastly  different in many ways, they have all gifted me with the same thing: New friendships, astounding knowledge, and a strengthening of my spiritual purpose.   There are just so many delicious reasons… Read more »

The Answer to your problems

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  Hello mighty companions, As you probably know, one of the main obstacles to enlightenment is the addiction to problems. Many people spend more time thinking about their problems than any other activity in their lives. Problems come in many forms. There are the complicated ones, the serious ones, and the minor ones.  And then there are the problems that… Read more »