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Welcome to the Angel Room…

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Aeoliah (Inner Mounting Flame)


Welcome to the Angel Room

 In addition to channeling the book Let the Love-Light In, I continue to receive much more material from the Mighty Angels.

This room is a place where you can come to relax and savor the angelic material I  have channeled. It is a sacred space divided into light-packets, mighty one-liners &  channels.  I will be adding to it as new material comes in, so come back often for updates.

Onward and upward.

With much love-light,


New Light-packets


The Most Beautiful Place on Earth

To be in God’s love is the most beautiful place to be on earth
Beyond borders, boundaries, limitations and fears
there is the place where God resides

Where we all know that we all matter

To be in God’s embrace is not a fantasy, a sacrifice or lie
It is the highest point of reference we are capable of achieving

How different is my life filled with God’s embrace

On mountaintops we marvel over soft white fields of peace

The lilies of the valley are calling out your name to soften out the edges and join in life’s refrain

The meadows of tomorrow are standing tall and bright where angels will soften out the pain

The angels of tomorrow are calling out your name


Falter not when dark thoughts come

I feel the tear of solitude well up inside of me
But fear is only transient and barely worth your while

So falter not when dark thoughts come to eclipse your radiant light
When yesterdays of gray begin to swell within your holy precious mind

Let the soft and sweet of spiritual heat penetrate behind
Come bursting forth from silent truth to take a radiant stand

Oh falter not when dark thoughts come to take your peace away
The sparkling Sun of love and One will take their place like sand
rushing in from mountains high and platitudes of light

Your soul’s delight from God’s pure light will slide into your mind

The sparkles of the Universe are calling out your name

Love’s Lava Stream

 The love we see through human eyes cannot contain the oneness

of the moment that is this golden-globe reality

sought for yet elusive until full attention is on going within

and noticing the soft embrace of meditative stance

Eyes wide shut is the key to unlocking the inner flow

of love’s lava stream

Non-emotional fantastical splendor is your birthright through time

Just drop the thoughts to release the moment filled with God’s embrace

Zinging into awareness unleashing the sparkling sensations

into your mind again

You’ll never want again for excitement in this world

There is none in comparison to what God has on store for you

The starry flight soars off the run-way in surrender to this moment grand

This is Us

 When you are opening up to the universe

you are opening up to Enlightenment

It is inevitable

The magnificence of evolvement contains so much more than ye realize

The starry flights of yesterday dim in comparison to what’s to come in This moment

Antiquatious elephants with stars on furry lapels

golden and silvery flashes of pearls

Wide-eyed silvery moments that sparkle in the night

Diamonds fall into the Oneness of timeless moments

capturing the heart of momentary glimpses

of flashes unknown yet deeply desired and fully noticed

Oh the precious awareness when two hearts melt into One

When God’s grandeur is noticed in the heart of stillness

This is Us

This is Love when seen through God’s embrace

and hearts that notice the faintest memory of what’s to come

when we open our eyes and listen

Holy Moment 

The Radiant blessing of this star-filled moment will take the place of memories of bland and despair

You’ll never want again when you open to the vistas of tomorrrow in this moment of still awareness and propagating hues of bliss-filled eternity

Now is the time to unlock the mysterious moment

and open up to what’s before us in Truth

The key is in your hand

Now Dance my Friend

 Peace yes it has been given to me

to softly guide me home

to ancient meadows, pastures light,

to lighten up my throne

The ancient lights of Galilee are calling out your name

Camels ride through starry nights to take you to your home

In waters soft you penetrate the ancient holy call,

to yield amongst the solitudes and travel to and fro

To wait for your enlightenment a fantasy, a lie

Just step into the bastion of stars and soften up your brow

The joy of letting go my friend is worth whatever it takes

To fuel the fire of life’s light dance by basking in the now

Effort spent but well spent yes the answer to your fears,

that fall away like soft light clay when yield to light beyond

 The light beyond it falls with grace into your mind again

When peace becomes the goal at hand you’ll thank your lucky stars

for no thing bland will ever touch your brightened soft refrain

 Now dance my friend and do not sink in sands of dark despair

When softness calls your holy mind to take the place of fear

Your Time Has Come

Become the message

Your name is just a wrap, a cover,

a false identity appearing real in life

The true you is way beyond this wrapping

Now look at that little thing there, the little mouth

Could that possibly be you?

Give rise to the glory you were meant to be

Step into your grandness

Refrain from playing small

You deserve such sense and wonder

You are the glory of Godness itself

Expand into your own horizon

See the wonder in the moment

Your time has come

You are the Splendor

You are the splendor of God his Self

How could you not be provided for?

Soak up the rays of love God has provided for you

Let Yourself become the pure channel of love that you are

Open your eyes to love’s undying Radiance

See the reflection of heaven in the speck on the floor

and be encased in the Grace of everlasting light

No matter how you see it, You’re free

Step into your greatness out from yesterday’s demise

You cannot go astray

Step into your oneness, you deserve such grace and wonder

Step into the light of moments grand and canyons

The future is not yours to see so wallow not in misery under blankets of despair

but open up the moment into a wide-eyed grin

Soften out the edges of all your false despair

Capture fantastical splendors

This moment is your time

Come take this ride with me

You’re free

The Effervescent Moment

The effervescent moment is waiting for you now

to soften up your headspace

To drop the rock of illusion into the space of essence standing

The canyons of tomorrow are calling loud and light

The plains of doubt are fading

There is no Glass

Whether the glass is half full or half empty is meaningless

Let go of the idea of the glass and the water altogether

and stand in the antiquatious moment

The moment before time began

A light in the world

Into this world of insanity and despair there appears a teacher of God

The light of brilliance standing against a backdrop of dark despair

There appears to be no answer, no solution to questions unanswered,

To frustrations deeply felt

To this the light of holiness descends

cutting through illusion with wings of solace

Enamouring the faintest touch of helpless despair

with wings to lift into the loveliness of light

Ancient angels call you to this moment

Come and be lifted in wings of love

Mighty one-liners 

 Refrain from judging altogether. Everyone is doing the best they can, including you


Walk down the exemplary path. It’s you that’s being called


I am stronger than I am weak. My strength lies in God


Find your inner sanctuary, the glowing light within. We know your very heart, we know what you need, so give the thoughts of lack and lean back to the love-light so we can help you on this very day


 Find your Inner Sanctuary we’ll take care of the rest


Now, Let’s forget about the past and focus on the present


The new law of love is this: What you hold in thought becomes your reality,  so hold in thought high scenes of your high self


Beyond this door before you is wonder from afar


It’s impossible to be grateful and resentful at the same time. Gratitude tops attitude!


Believe. Do what you love, and money will fall to your lap from unexpected Sources.  A reflection of the one source which is love. Enjoy your fare.


You don’t have to use your mental activity to figure out what to say and do. Allow what to say and do to come to you


Vanity is the ego’s famous trick


How you are seeing when you’re looking at the world is a deep distortion. That is why you need help. But you don’t think you need help, that is why you do need it


 There is no past or future in a mind that’s filled with love


 You have to want love fully for it to enter into your mind


 Open the door and let us soar from our mind into yours


 It’s okay to want abundance, it is your very right


 Today become riveted on opening your heart


The ego cannot stop you once your path is clearly sought


As I make room for God’s Will I will have a mystical experience feeling like everything thing is new


First make sure it feels right, then go ahead and do it


Breathe, call on your angels and guides


The more you go to that place (the higher mind), plus meditating every day, there will be a place to go to make the connection with source


Keep winging it. Keep the link strong. There’s something in the air and it’s good, there’s something in the air and it’s God


Go to the higher mind, keep it simple, you’ll be told what to do


When there’s turmoil in the mind go to the Altar of Consciousness, look for the brightness


We’re not asked to sacrifice anything but to receive everything


If you want something else, ask for something else


Follow each step and surrender to the light

The 4 questions to ask when making any kind of important decision…
• What is it that just can’t go on?
• What will this choice for change do?
• What am I walking away from?
• How wonderful it will feel to implement this new change?

Channels from the Mighty Angels 

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With much Love-Light,


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