Stefanie is an Ordained Minister of A Course In Miracles.

I have been increasingly utilizing The Course in my counsel, and life, for the past 15 years, and have found it to be the single most effective tool in my spiritual toolbox. Of course it is much more than a tool, it is a brilliant form of spiritual psychotherapy that brings peace, love and deep joy into our minds and lives. It can be considered challenging because it involves a radical paradigm shift – not in how we live in the world, but how we see the world. Although it uses Christian vocabulary it is not religious, but rather deeply metaphysical.

How to get the most out of A Course in Miracles (video)

TIPS for Studying the ACIM Workbook


Here is a light-packet from my new book “Let the Love-Light In” which will be released before the end of 2017.


A Course in Miracles indeed

It tells of love not pain

It answers us in Oneness

in which we will remain


No matter thoughts of separate

that cause you constant fear

There is no thought of Oneness

when we do but see near


In thoughts of Oneness standing

we celebrate our gain

and let go at long last

of our past and present pain


We cannot know the love of One

until we drop our will

and settle into stillness

from whence the Voice does fill


The Course is breaking the barriers

of ego’s final fight

and breaks the band of sinners

who thought that was their plight


There’s no such thing as sin

we find out oh so last

There’s only love and wonder

Thank God it’s come at last!

Copyright 2017 Stefanie Finn. All rights reserved.

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