It’s Time

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It’s Time

In this moment of grace accept yourself as you are, fully. This is a time of great awareness and great power with the position of the planets henceforth.

Stand tall in the fullness of mercy for yourself and others at this most auspicious time.

To do your salutations at sunrise is to claim a magnificent power of the heavens for that day. This is an essential key in unlocking the mysteries of the universe.

Get used to unlocking the moment into the now of forever. These are not just pretty words, or a nice thought, but the key to your happiness.

It has become easy for you to pretend you are something that you are not. Easy in that it has become your default setting, but not easy in the sense of settling right with your soul.

It is time to capture the fantastical splendor of your true self, and you do this not by keeping up with the Jones but by saturating the moment with your originality and sweet honesty, and by doing what you want to do with your whole heart.

It is time to stop giving your power away to the structures and illusions and demands of this world. It is time to rise above what you think you should be doing based on a false sense of responsibility, and rise into “what do I want?”, “What does my soul want for me?” And then move into this with all the passion of the heaven itself supporting you and moving you into this.

Falter not to the demands of this world and the old guilt-ridden ways of motivating you. They will no longer support the lofty path destined for you.

This is what these times are really about now. Shedding the old skins of patterns deeply cherished but ready to collapse and fall away onto the ground of yesterday, to be absorbed into the soil and washed away to eternity.

We are your mighty companions of light, here to serve you well during these turbulent yet deeply joyful times.

Be well, live well, and know we are here to fill your heart to the brim with love, always.

Channeled by Stefanie Finn

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