Solstice, New Diamond Light Codes & A New Code of Ethics

At 4 AM this morning I received a beautiful new channel from the angels – just in time for the Solstice.

Sometimes in life you’ve just got to let go. The only secure comfort required in this world is to know who you really are. To settle for something that you are not is a travesty in time.

Let the diamond light codes fill your mind today lifting you into planes of awareness yet unknown.

This solstice is a time in which the travesties of yesterday can be forgiven and forgotten as new levels of awareness fill your mind with light.

The work you’ve been doing on yourself will be rewarded in timeless essence.

As mercury is rising and sunsets are setting let yourself fall into a wondrous sense of Self.

In glorious solitude, fill your senses with the light codes of the universe. The glorious essence of streams falling onto your plate.

Diamond light codes are filaments of forever. Still shots of tomorrow mixed with sparkling embers of yesterday.

Oh take me home to the oneness of Self.

The truth of you is beyond words and poems. It is an esoteric essence so filled with knowledge that your head would spin and sparkle beyond your wildest imagination.

There is nothing in this world that can show you who you are because who you are is beyond this world.

It is simple in its essence, yet complicated for minds that are beset on separation and littleness and the lie of loneliness and alienation.

Let your mind wander into colors unknown, relief and relaxation only imagined, and a depth of awareness only talked about.

To bask in the stillness of forever is to know thyself.

Let angels fill your mind today to show you what you’ve always been and what you are returning to, as you mount this moment of forever.


A filament is a new code of ethics.

In sunshine do we sparkle with a new code of ethics. A new system of thought based not on old, out-dated moral codes and obligations but rather a new system of thought based on the frontrunning and all-new tendency to listen to your inner God-self. The time of being brainwashed by the masses is coming to a rapid end.

The nonsensical tendency to be pressured by old and outdated shoulds and shouldn’ts no longer appeals to the innocent heart.

The rising new strata of consciousness will not tolerate the ignorant ways of yesterday. Gone are the ways of having blind faith in folly filled leaders.

Take this new way to heart, as it is the new way.

Let the tides of yesterday lift you onto the pearly white sands of today.

Let your ethics come from the inner light of your grateful heart.

Channeled by  Stefanie Finn

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