Message from Archangel Michael

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A beautiful new message from Archangel Michael this morning.

Anything you want to do is given to you.

Even in the case of seemingly insurmountable odds, Spirit resides and sees the solution.

Nocturnal emblems of fear cannot stop you from your path of devotion once the desire for Oneness has been set and put in place.

You cannot go astray on the banks of tomorrow when basking in the sparkling essence of this moment’s sunrise.

When thoughts of tomorrow enter your stream of consciousness they hide the light from your awareness.

The light- filled moment of magnificence does not happen by chance, it is an entryway to the heaven within that calls you to slide forward into the shoot of forever.

It takes practice to collapse the stream of thoughts incessantly calling for your attention, grasping the straws in favor of your light.

Refrain from taking your light lightly. It is a God-sent blessing, a preferred state chosen by those who know the truth in their own mind.

In the essence of this magnificent moment, know thyself. Trust that love will find you and guide your path to delightful presence.

Never forsake your higher self in favor of the worries of this world. This world is a mere pittance compared to the awesome splendor within the universe of your mind. Within the universe within.

I am Archangel Michael sending a multitude of love and light to your world today.

Be blessed within, and you will never go without.

Channeled by Stefanie Finn

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