Refrain from Playing Small

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In glorious recognition of your sweet soul, we come to you.

On this clear day of gleaming essence, stand tall in your love, reach high for your inner stars.

All is in perfect alignment for your soul’s mission here on this precious earth, at this precious time. Never doubt the power of your perseverance, the flowering of your sweet self.

Your soul is radiant beyond the sun, the moon, and the sky.  The essence of you flowers brightly. These are flowery words, yes, but the truth none-the-less.

Open up to your star-filled pantheon that is you, today.  Nothing less than the highest truth will prevail. And it is time to refrain from playing small like a chicken in its coop.

Open up and soar to wonders within, and bring this bigness out into the world to ignite the hearts of your brothers .  Your brothers need you now, not because you have something that they do not, because you have something they do.

Together you will soar in the bigness of Self, turning to comfort in the field of the light.

With hearts overflowing we love you deeply, brightly, and grandly

~Your mighty companions of the stars

Channeled by Stefanie Finn

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