Luck Plays No Part in God’s Plan

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We are your mighty companions of the love-light coming to you on this sweet morning on the earth.

We have much to show you as of yet. In recognition of your global oneness and pattern of existence, we travel abroad to give you this message.

Luck plays no part in God’s plan, and healing does not happen haphazardly.

It is essential that you understand the laws of creation at this time.

The masses are currently undergoing a great upheaval during this period of evolution, and it is easy to forget who you are during turbulent waters.

It takes commitment to growth and steadfast effort to swallow the newness of your ever-expanding spiritual life in the face of perceived darkness and dissonance all around you and even in your own mind.

It is essential now to travel the road lightly, with joy in your step and wonder in your heart.

To find the light centered in your mind and heart at all times, is the key to moving forward at this time, in peace and harmony.

Peace and harmony is within, never without. Peace and harmony without does not even exist, except in the folly of your own perception.

Be here today in this sweet place at this sweet time, at the diamond center of your own awareness. Let the sparkle come through in the middle of the night. Be aware of how you feel at all times and take immediate responsibility for dissident thoughts and unresolved negative patterns of emotion that are stunting your joy and blocking your awareness of light.

“This too shall pass” is a statement for those who are doing the deep transformational work in their own minds. It is not just a complacent fantasy. It takes inner commitment and dedication to free yourself, and in so doing you will be deeply grateful to yourself for rising to the occasion of your own free mind.

No one can do this for you but your own glorious inner Self, who is one with God and connected with all your brothers and sisters on this glorious globe we call earth.

Go in peace now and falter not in your forgiveness efforts and your healing-making decisions. They are the key to your new life, your new peace, and this new earth which we will share in harmony and joy with each other.

From the plains of distant shores where mighty angels reside, we love you.

~The Mighty Angels

Channeled by Stefanie Finn

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