How Do We Break the Cycle of Distress?

How do we break the cycle of distress?

This is an important point as we head into the vast arrays of new love-light being channeled into the planet, and on to the collective.

What you focus on becomes your reality, and many are focused on creating the reality of despair in their lives. It is a habit of the mind to believe in lack, limitation, and despair thoughts.

If you only knew the truth of what you were capable of, this non-sense would stop.

The experience of despair comes from a deep belief in lack.

It is My intention to help you see the grandest master that is your-Self. It is time to rise to the grand occasion of your own self-mastery. In times of despair you do not know yourself. You’ve lost yourself in the sickness of illusion.

But these times are behind you now as you raise yourself up beyond the levels of lower thoughts and the belief in lack, limitation and despair. These are fallacies that were brought about during the initial separation from source, which constituted the dream of separation and the illusion of lack. None of this is true.

It is time to step up to the plate of happy thoughts and stand beyond the beliefs in trepidation and limitation.

You are the master of your own soul. In choosing the light you will gain momentum, rising higher and higher into realms of majesty. The majesty of your soul awaits. It is not necessary to linger longer in sadness and lack and the cycles propagated as a result of the belief in both.

Wanting more are the wings that will lift you up to the experience of having more. More love, more light, and more spiritual sight. This is the desire of every human heart. This is our true destiny through time and space. And now is the time to embrace it and rise to the glory, where God would have you be.

Channeled by Stefanie Finn

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