Your Power Lay Within

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You have true Intimate powers with the Holy Spirit and the council of light. Not the kind of power in which you are shouting from the rooftops, but the kind of power in which you know who you are.

You see yourself as weak and uninhabited. I’m telling you, you’re not sick, or weak, or frail. These are just cover ups veiling the magnitude of your essence.

There is power in you that shines forth from the heart of God.

Take a quiet stand, standing fourth in the moment of quiet desperation and sadness in yourself and others. This is the power of the universe unfolding through you in the moment.

Let it show you who you and others are.  Let it sing to you the song of God’s most holy children.

This is your time to shine the power of your creator. There is no other power, there is no other time, and there is no other moment. This moment outside of time and space is the moment to shine in the all-encompassing awareness of who you really are.

You cannot know this glory in self-control and the madness of illusory thoughts. Just step aside and let us show you the truth in each and every moment.

Bask in the sun light of love where the creator’s images will show up in the script of your life.

Release all thoughts of separation and despair and Be Here today.


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