Your Light Has the Capacity to Change Events Large and Small

We are the standards from high places coming to you now with a channel of help and hope.

You are not obligated to anyone but your Self. The first response to this thought may be guilt, but this too shall pass.

Be comfortable in knowing who You are and let this be your only goal. All other goals will drop away eventually so why not let eventually be now.

We love you truly and completely. Our only goal is to help you achieve your innocence and happiness.

Problems are not problems to us, but opportunities for re-assessment and re-alignment to the oneness that you are.

In oneness, miracles unfold in the sweetness of this moment.

You are yet to see your true creative power that comes from shifting into wholeness.

Falter not in darkness for long but rather rise to the essence of your very being.

Your light has the capacity to change events large and small. It is time to put this great power into place in this world of seeming distress and despair.

Work with your mind. Your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions and your attitude. Ask the Holy Spirit for Help in shifting your attitude at all times. With sincere desire, help will come rushing in, Sweetly and Softly.

You can do this now because there is no other time. To wait is to be caught in the illusion of time and space. There is nothing to wait for, literally.

Your time has come. Today is the day, get out of the way and accept the help here for you now.🌸

Channeled through Stefanie Finn

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