Three New Messages from the Mighty Angels

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Dear Mighty Friends,

Three messages poured in this morning about the diamond light codes, the redundancy of living in the past, and dealing with night fears.
I’m sharing them all here now. With much love. 💎

It’s Getting Better and Better

The diamond light codes are streaming in today. The silky splendour of shimmering light will fill your Holy mind and sparkly soul. Just get out of the way today and let your mind be filled with the brightness of solitude. Let solitude find you so you can be unimpeded and open like an empty journal of wide-open space. Let God’s love fill you and find you through shimmering channels pouring into your mind. It is happening right now in this moment. Waste not another moment clogging up the entryway with egoic tendencies and thoughts of despair. Sail your kite and refresh your sails. You’re on your way, today.

The Madness of Yesterday

When the mind slips into thoughts – good and bad – from yesterday, just know that you have gone temporarily insane. Yesterday is the biggest illusion on the planet.
The illusory, whispery farce that is your memory is a waste of your precious focus. Spend not another minute collapsing your energy into distortions from your past. Open up with wide-eyed grandeur and accept the blissful Isness that is streaming in through the top of your head right now. This is the glorious and fantastical splendor that you have been waiting for. Wait no longer. Look back no more. There is nothing to look back to except an empty bin containing shadows and smoky cinders. You deserve the glorious oneness of this brilliant moment. Celebrate it now. 

The Night Skies of Ridicule

The night skies of ridicule are here to haunt you now. Let’s stop right now with that thought and interrupt the madness with the truth of your beingness instead. There is nothing to hurt you, even in the darkest of nights, when shadows of blackness seem to take over your consciousness. Falter not in this regard and affirm your brilliance instead. Immediately translate insanity into Oneness. You can do it quickly and affirmatively when the desire for release supersedes the quicksand of despair. Darkness is not the truth. And you get to Transcend this sickly state as soon as you make the decision to do so. Let bursts of light replace the fearful sight in this moment. Choose the affirmation that works for you and put it into practice in the midst of your despair.

We love you and are with you always.

~Your Mighty Companions of love and light

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