There are No Problems

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Let all your goals and harvests be done through you rather than from you.

This is the difference. And the key. And the joy.

We cannot solve our problems because there are no problems.

Only solutions from the soul

Jewels from the pastures of light

Trinkets of joy from heavens above

Let your problems be solved through you and you’ll never need to worry again. You will know there is no need to waste your precious energy again. When you are being called to spread joy and be light instead, your problems will dissipate and be replaced by glorious and fun soul- utions that occur within the mind in the moment because you are free.

Let forgiveness be the path to an open mind and uncluttered heart where you will feel the freedom and know your oneness with source, and others.

This is the new reality, the fifth dimension, and the problem-free territory of vastness.

Be All You today. You deserve it, not because you work hard oh no glorious soul who is created to soar in glee, but rather because you know who you are.

You are meant to flee from the obsolete to the omnipresence of your sparkling transcendence. Let this be done through you dear soul and trust the best outcome for your soaring Self.

Channeled by Stefanie Finn


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