The Three Circles of Onenesss

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Mighty companions of the light,

In anticipation of what is to come we share with you the grace and glory of living in the light.

Salutations of tomorrow are welcoming in sunrise. The greatness of yesterday will pale in comparison to these coming times.

The rings are to be understood at this time.

Facing inward from centre and balance is the first ring. There is just so much in there that is helpful to your soul. Balance and see, relax and sit back – are the Mantras.

Next is the circle of life. The entryway into heavenly realms, where we access teachings of the angels. This is where we reside in harmony and gratitude for all that is.

In the third circle, we find out who we really are. We never search for outer accolades, or trips to calm us down. Here, we settle into the stillness of forever and bask in the glorious skies of oneness.

In this pristine state of oneness we want for nothing. This is Samadhi brought to life in a glorious burst of yesterday, today and tomorrow brought together in an explosion of the moment.

And in the glorious instant I got it, and understood that surrender is the key.

Channeled through Stefanie Finn

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