The Rhapsody of Oneness

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Capturing oneness is a skill to be learned just like any other skill. The first step is to prefer it over the torrential rainfall of thoughts that are normally pouring into the mind.

And once we master the art of preferring oneness over the madness, we are well on our way.

Preferring it doesn’t mean that we will automatically settle into it however.

We must practice the art of pulling back, yielding, and releasing our own need and compulsion to think ourselves into oblivion.

Now the mind will go into overdrive convincing you that you have to think incessantly.

You have to be responsible enough to cover all your bases it suggests. You have to control the moment, judge the masses and most of all ensure your safety.

All this and more does thinking, calculating, analyzing and planning give you.

This has been the way and as far as you’re concerned, or as far as the thinking mind is concerned, this will be the way.

There is no doubt that the way things have been have brought about a level of satisfaction. And this is why the egoic mind insists in collaborating with the current stream.

“Show me more”

The quiet mind glows fourth and calls an ancient state into the forefront. And the darkness dissipates in mid-thought, to be overtaken by love itself.

Let the glorious wonder of your soul replace the incessant nagging.

Walk into your song tonight, and let it sing to you glory and oneness of forever.

The rhapsody of stars, forever in your soul.

Here to stay if you so choose.


Channeled through Stefanie Finn

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