The New Diamond Light

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The propagating hues of the crystal light codes have given way to the new diamond light.

Its brilliance is Standing Tall. It is coming forth now as we speak and is trickling in through the top of your head, or your crown chakra.

Do not stop it now with thoughts of despair. Let it come full force as it is intended to.

The archangels are here now up on the planet calling forth all those with ears to listen. This is a majestic moment. Share your love with all those who gravitate toward you in the perfect time. With Loving gestures and tender calm you will celebrate your oneness together.

You will recognize other mighty companions. You will be drawn together on the planes of mighty love.

Wars will wane as terrors are catapulted out of darkness into the light. This is the promise of the coming times.

Electronics will graduate and refine to serve the new light-filled reality.

Be thankful that you are on board for the fulfillment ahead. Your light is crucial as the darkness collapses on itself.

Those with the light will stand as light-bearers and implode the darkness to scatter its ashes to be replaced by the Phoenix.

You will experience so much joy in these coming times that you will barely be able to contain it. This life has served you well, and you are ready.

Take heart, stand tall, and be yourself.

~ The Mighty Angels

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