The Holy Spirit’s Perspective

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Last night the angels shared that right now there’s a lot more at work in our lives than meets the eye, and that they’re helping us now to get ready for the love that is exploding on the planet.

It is time now to lift any unwanted emotions from the heart chamber, and send them out into the bastion of stars.

The winter of your discontent is rising only for your release. There is nothing to bend upon now except your own errors. 
The bastion of stars awaits. Claim it now.

It is not until we give up our whole, initial meaning, that peace will come to replace the initial response. Peace will come to replace this non-sense that we made up.

The depth of our awareness is unlimited, once we release the understandings we hold about ourselves and others.

We cannot hold the vastness of the moment while in the depths of misperception and disillusionment.

The frame of reference that we hold fast to dearly, is nonsensical at best. We don’t think we need help, which is why we do need it. And we won’t accept that help until we understand deeply that we do need it, and want it.

And in the meantime we will continue to suffer, or pleasure, in the fictional characters that we invent in our mind.

In the minuscule opening of our tired mind, true help seeps in. It fills the night sky with a glorious presence of the bastion of stars.

In brilliant relief it fills the the mind’s eye with truth unencumbered. With glorious Presence. With God’s love.

There is no perspective like the Holy Spirit’s perspective.

His is the only perspective which brings us peace and long-last relief for the mind.

Open up your mind today and allow the long-awaited truth to prevail, to unlock the mysteries of the universe, to enter your sweet mind with love.

Supporting affirmation: I interpreted the whole thing differently once His Voice came to take the whole thing away.

Channelled through Stefanie Finn

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