Healing of Mental, Emotional and Physical Pain

When you believe in pain, you put yourself in pain. The belief in pain is where pain comes from. You are not a victim of some outer force, but rather when you are in pain you are experiencing the effects of your own belief.

Work out your belief and you will work out the pain. Go to the source of your pain, which is always in the mind, and undo it at its cause, which is always the belief in separation. Separation from source.

Do the work of healing the belief in separation from Source, and you will heal the effects of the belief in separation, which is physical, mental and emotional pain.

God would have us in quiet Joy and perfect oneness of Self. All else is a fallacy and a direct result of the belief in separation.

There is so much love ingrained in the cellular memory of oneness.

The Sparkle of light strives to propagate itself into every crevice of existence of your multi-faceted self.

Plug in to this today and light up in the wonder of oneness of your celebrated self.

Witness the healing ensue. Marvel at how easy it is, and always was.

The fragmented images that we hold in our mind is the “source “of our pain.

Light is ramping up the game, so we can see in the singular expression of life’s most glorious dance, so we can celebrate our oneness with each other.

It is never complicated and always simple. In the vastness of God’s creation we wait in silent recognition of the healing touch.

We need not point out the way to Him. He will heal us fully and completely and for all time, in a moment’s Grace.

Channeled by Stefanie Finn

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