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Many doctors mean well but they don’t understand wellness. They understand protons and neutrons and cellular structures according to their laws of physics, but they don’t understand wellness according to universal law.

In science do they ramble through, trying to make sense of all their limited counterparts. Confusion ensues, and no real healing can take root.

The more they learn and study about the doctrine and science of disease the more they believe in it. And the more they believe in it the more it shows up.

Into this madness a teacher of God appears.

If they could only see the wonder of their soul-ular structure, such healing would come through their hands. Not only as energy and light but rather as ecstasy and truth.

The folly of the separated ones are limiting and dangerous to those who come to them for mercy, truth and healing.

But there is great hope on the horizon as more and more souls find the light within. This is creating an energetic shift in the whole of humanity.

And humanity’s Self will be seeking healing within their own hearts and minds, where all healing ultimately resides.

The structural elements that make up disease and strife go away and disintegrate in the presence of glorious love. Love’s Structure of this most holy moment is the only thing to be strived for.

Love is the only presence that heals. And in its glorious presence and simplicity so it will be.

This is well-being. And it’s all we need to know.

Channeled by Stefanie Finn

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