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Our destiny is not set in stone. It is revealed to us in a quiet moment of forever.

It’s up to each one of us to take a stand in correspondence with her creator and walk with Him to past conditions of greatness.

In quiet reconciliation is our destiny revealed to us. We get to accept it with equality and greatness, or pass as we slip back into the sands of time.

The soft awareness of your destiny will excite your soul with multitudes of greatness and endless ecstasy.

This is your birthright through time and space and we marvel at your ability and willingness to bring it forth and take it on.

Let your destiny be revealed to you. Let it pour forth from the heavens above to ignite your soul and excite your spiritual quest.

Strive to fulfill your destiny through time and space, and it will be revealed to you.

Supporting poem to today’s message:

A New Sun Came Up On Me

A momentous grace and quiet resilience
rests on your shoulders
For you the tide has come

Channeled through Stefanie Finn

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