All is Perfectly Well in this Moment

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Fear not said the angel. All is perfectly well in this moment.

We think we lose our ability to shine due to circumstances unforeseen or problems that erupt. But take this now and flash back into the space of no thought. Let your commitment lay only in doing this.

In worrisome tactics the miracle is lost. The outcome cannot find you. The abundance cannot show up.

Take this now and know that the miracle is inherent in it. Let this situation become a breeding ground for the miracle, which is the shift out of fear. The mastery of the moment is the only thing that’s being called for now.

When in a moment of fear let your mind think about nothing at all. This is how the miracle replaces the fear thought. This is how love enters in.

Your only responsibility in any situation is to shift from fear to love.

Your only responsibility is to soar in love.

Sink not into false responsibility and blame, as these are methods of the mind to keep you in the illusion of pain and desolation.

Let love itself bring about outcomes to delight.

Channeled through Stefanie Finn

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