You Are Being Prepared For Greatness. Tackle It With Glee!

You are being prepared for greatness. Tackle it with glee!

We are the standards from high places. A group of angels that are working through you in this now moment. We know this seems far out there and it is. You asked for the highest level of truth available from the highest place. So here it is.

The energy of Neptune is standing tall right now and with it are some very interesting outcomes.

  • A complete re-calibrating. Trying to come to terms with what you want.

  • A strong feeling of being in a vortex.

The energy of Neptune is upon you now and is bringing with it huge changes and bizarre outcomes of an unexpected nature. Many of you feel as though you are being reshaped, and your lives are being somehow restructured. This is in fact happening at deep and also high levels. Just go with it and continue to do the work you’ve been doing.

Where we come from we see the perfection in what is happening now, so be not dismayed. Take heart. It is all working out for an incredibly high purpose and reward.

Peace is the answer to every conflict. Whatever is on your plate give it a go.

Falsity will not work now and will back fire in a heart beat. To be yourself means to be honest with how you’re feeling but in a way that does not offend others. This is not about using tact but rather inner mastery in how you deliver your message. Feel the difference in how these two ways are and you will See what we mean.

Use love in all your ways. This is not a cliché but rather a living, breathing reality to be used in all your ways. The ways of love are the ways of mastery. Be the channel for God’s love. Nothing less than this will suffice now.

An expression that is less than love will yield unwanted results quickly. But take heart when this happens and let it bump you back on track rather than to become disheartened.

You are the child of the living God. Never forget how deeply loved you are and how needed you are especially during these turbulent yet magnificent times.

Your love and strength are needed now so do not be let down when you feel you’re being held up in life. Your life is working out like an exquisite Symphony of love and light and all things right. Just be in the moment and choose love in every circumstance.

You are capable of great beneficence and your power to effect positive outcomes has only been touched upon. Go deeper than just scratching the surface of your potential. Rise high in faith, become the wayshower, and shine.

When it seems as though the harshness of reality is upon you, know that this is the universe crushing you into a newer version of yourself.

When pressure mounts you are being rung out to dry on high to sparkle in the sun. Bask in it rather than seeking to avoid it. You know of what I speak so move into it with great glee, knowing the precious rewards of these transformative, formative times. Celebrate them and bask in the sunlight of your soul with others who you will gravitate towards naturally.

This is a time to love those in your life who seem to be in darkness but to also take heart in being with those who you will find that are being a great light to you. You will have the light for those in darkness, even when it seems they don’t want you or your light.

You are the light so don’t worry about your light or having it threatened in any way. In times of darkness your light becomes brighter. Never despair when things seem dark. Just go back to the diamond in your mind and let the love-light in. All will be perfectly light and bright in the sweetness of your holy mind.

Never dim your inner sanctuary with thoughts that diminish your sanctity. You deserve such sense and wonder and will help others greatly to find their way. Just trust in the moment, trust your Guidance. Trust the God in your mind. You can’t go wrong.

We love you with hearts over flowing and are always here for you.

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