Morning Glory – Channel from the Mighty Angels

New information from the Angels last night. I was up all through the night receiving much info and energy. 

Planetary support and upgrades

The new planetary upgrades are coming from Neptune.

The morning glory is coming into your life and it will feel like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. It is new, light and bright. Let it come at the full capacity of which it wants to come. This new feeling is not associated with any past experience you have ever had.

There is nothing to do except just be you and let the love-light flow. These are tall orders indeed for the minds that love to complicate their awakening process. 😃

Planetary upgrades are bringing you to another high.

You are a child of the holy universe. A treasure held in the palm of God’s hand. Never forget this. This is your birthright through time and space.

The planetary upgrade that’s happening now is very cellular in nature, which means we will feel these upgrades not as negative symptoms but as beautiful symptoms.

The most loving thing we can do for our loved ones is release them to the highest power, and let them be.

During this time there may be some fears but only because they are coming up to be healed, however there will also be faith.

NOTE from another source: Neptune will start going into retrograde on February 26th, 2018. When Neptune goes retrograde our spirituality, inner peace, and Vision becomes the focus.

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