A New Channel from the Ancient Angels

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 We are the ancient angels traveling to you now. We come with splendor and joy to soften up this moment. We are the guardians of light and have much to say to your wide-open ears.

Any and all of your fears are completely unfounded. The beauty of this moment is the only thing you need to be concerned with or aware of.

Stop fear in its tracks. Tell it to go away. Amp up your forgiveness work. This is the correct use of will. To capture fear in the moment and turn it into something else by Giving it to Someone else.

You will not find true release in any other way now. You have the power and courage to follow through with this recipe. Just start and the rest will follow.

Do not be concerned with money as that will come from unexpected Sources and delightful places. Your only job is to be aware of this moment grand and bring your mind back to the matter at hand, which is forgiveness in the moment.

This is not a channel of planets and positions but rather moments and decisions made by you to free you from the folly of fear. You can do this now, we know you can, that’s why we’re coming to you now.

Don’t fret about what to eat or put on your feet your needs are surely and richly met. You’ll see.

We love you and are here with you always.

~the Ancient Angels

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