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It’s time to know the greatness and oneness of you.

Keep listening.

One of the most difficult things to accept is the not knowing.

Those times that we are facing the unknown are the times that we are learning the most. 

Trust that all is good.
All is right and all is well. 

What you need to know will be allotted you in the perfect time.

Sweetly unfoldings will come to pass when you rise in consciousness to meet your needs. In other words your needs will be met as you raise your vibration and focus more on doing that than on trying desperately to control the upcoming events of your life. 

This is hard for you.
You can do it. 

You have the capacity, it’s only the willingness that’s needed now to move you on to the new vistas and horizons that you surely want and dream about.

We love you,

The Guardians of Light


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