We Are Your Guides of Light

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We are your guides of light.
There are many of us.

We descend on you now to show you how much we love you. We are the guardians of light descending on the earth-plane bringing multitudes of joy that we know you will receive at the appointed time. Brightness abounds. We are coming now to drop words of light for those souls who open their flower to receive.

If it be your time to know the glorious Oneness of love past time and space receive well now this lovely light. It is yours for the taking and extending to your fellow brothers. The earth needs reassurance now so absorb from the well of love and falter not in the absorption and extension of this merry gift.

We love you with hearts over flowing. In glorious Oneness there is no separation. In this now know yourselves and be yourselves in the coming days on this sweet earth-plane.

Your brothers need you now so do not despair to inner planes of solitude, but rather extend your wings of gladness and show your brother’s weary the light in you.

Be yourSelf and in turn draw that same self out from your brothers of the night who suffer in silence. They will come to you on inner planes and show up in your life in unexpected ways.

Notice now and do not hesitate to shine your light in all circumstances. We are here now and in all ways. All you have to do is ask for our help and allow us to reveal ourselves to you.

Signing off for now,

Your mighty companions of love & light


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