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Dear Mighty Companions,

I woke up this morning feeling inspired to share a little about my ongoing journey with letting the love-light in, which is becoming much more than the title of my new book. It’s a ongoing journey.

Below is a compilation of the guidance I received from the Angels during the month of July. I’m sharing it because although it is specific to me, it might also resonate with others. These words are verbatim from the angels. Enjoy, and feel free to make comments or ask questions about this material in the comment section which will also be posted on my Facebook profile today.


Go in to your feelings only to release them. We know this is hard for you because you think they’re real. But they’re not. They are based on distorted memories and future projections. Both false. The feeling of the moment is the only thing to be given to the light. Now.

Every time you feel a thought of drought come up just drop it. It is not required that you analyse it to death. Just drop it to its death. It serves no purpose other than to antagonize you in the moment.

So stand tall in those moments of doubt and do your part. Be tall in thought rising above where Eagles soar into the love-light.

Shadows befall you not when you follow this essential law of love: Sink not into tarry. Lift yourself upon mighty wings of love and there will be no need befall you in dreams of lack and naught. They won’t be able to touch you any more because you’re not antiquating your thoughts any more.

The new law of love is this: What you hold in thought becomes your reality, so hold in thought high scenes of your high self. All else will fall away in God’s sweet time which is now, to be replaced with sweetly scenes unfolding for you in the here and now.

Benevolent unfoldings will drench your scenes. Abundant fare will be yours without you asking or sweating in the old way you know. Believe. Do what you love and money will fall to your lap from unexpected Sources.  A reflection of the one source which is love. Enjoy your fare. We love you.

~The Ancient Angels


There is no such thing as being alone. We are always with you and are the highest expression of love available to you at all times.

We love you from afar but can be known in your mind at all times.

Just let us in by pulling back the curtains on your immediate thoughts at any time.

You are getting better at doing this or getting used to feeling us.

It’s only just begun for you.  Miracles abound all around as you yield to us more in the coming days. Falter not in this regard as this is your destiny through time and space. You won’t want to miss it. Tune in always my dear heart. We love you. With hearts over flowing yes we do and you can to. Just tune in.


A timely thought
It doesn’t matter where it’s coming from as much as that it’s coming
Frequencies of old is now being shone away by the love-light
This is a powerful time
It’s a big deal
In what way you ask?
That story has completed
Your desires depend on what you want and need in this life


Why is it so hard to let go of a dark thought?
It’s not hard to let go it’s actually much harder to hold on to it. Letting go is easy once you want to. Just release it to the love-light.


If you are to stand you must let love in. Let the love-light in from the very stars that are shining on you now.
I pray for you
I’d rather namaste for you
Whatever you call yourself is duality. It doesn’t matter if you call yourselves guys or gals or have gone way up or way down. It’s all duality.

With much love-light,


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