The Mighty Blog – Journal of my Journey with the Mighty Angels

The Mighty Blog – Entry Number 1

~A Journal of My Journey with the Mighty Angels~

Dear Mighty Companion,

Yesterday on Facebook I shared a little bit about my new journey that started on May 24th. It was the day my life took a major turn.

It all started when I woke up at 2 AM hearing a voiceless voice whisper the words “Wayshower” into my inner ear.

This started a 5-day stint involving a process of intermittent internal dictation which resulted in a book containing 80 verses on 90 pages. At the end of this five short days I was given the title to the book , Let the Love-Light In, and

the following introduction to it.

Where is this book from?

This book is from the planes of distant shores where Mighty Angels reside.

They’ve come to help the ones who find their way here now.

Stefanie is just the vessel through which our love has found your attention in this moment in which our love abounds.

Falter not in this desperate state of tired and shaky stead.

This information will be astounding if you let it penetrate your mind.

So open up and let it do what it’s intended to.

This book contains the new codes coming forth to lighten up your load of sorry nights and faulty flights and major overload.

Let the Love Light In,

The Mighty Angels

Needless to say, these angels I am now working with, along with this writing assignment, has had an astounding impact on me. I am going through a metamorphosis like I’ve never experienced before, as I find my new legs in this mighty new light and new work.

This group of angels – in which there are many – are here from mighty heavens and magnificent crystal grids “sending words of light to penetrate your mind and waken up your Sight”

Right now I’m in the place between having the book completed and having it released to those who are meant to read it.

I’m going through the process of integrating its many messages and new light codes. I’m in the middle of receiving endless light-pulses coming in through the top of my head

We the mighty angels
are here to help you now
Just stop and wait
incoming pulse of light
through the top of your sweet head

I’ve also recently gone through an accelerated forgiveness phase
during which my own blockages and fears were magnified so they could be recognized and released by me.

During this time I felt incredibly lucky to have the following tools contained in this book. These tools include this stanza containing a deeply powerful forgiveness technique:

Release it to the beam
A direct tunnel to the love
Just pick it forth and with hands up let it go with delight
to the land of love to be transformed into the light
You’ll feel it go into the pipe of light that is surrounding you now
It’s easy when you realize how easy it is!

And this guidance from the Mighties in preparation for the days ahead

In preparation for the days ahead it’s going to be really fun because as you follow our guidance you’ll experience more and more joy. You can ask us anything that’s on your heart. We’ll provide clear and concise answers to everything.

This is about helping you clear the fear with truth. When blockages are recognized they can only be healed by truth. And we will provide you with the Highest Truth in the moment and it will be up to you to absorb and allow it to heal your mind.

You are listening well even though you sometimes wonder if you are. You feel a tightness in your body but remember there is no body, so the tightness is really in your mind. You don’t have to think about the body. Let it go for the ride. Let it serve love well which it will as you release your mind back to Love.

All is well in All of creation.

We love you,

The Mighty Angels


I’m very excited to be sharing this new journey with you, a journey that I’m sure will evolve over time in ways I don’t even know about yet 😊

I am now in the process of exploring options in how to get the book out there.

And wanted to share the path I am now on.

I look forward to this ride that has already started and is unfolding so wonderfully in each and every moment.

Let the love-light in,


PS – Please share with your spiritual community.


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