Why Attend a Spiritual Retreat?

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Why Attend a Spiritual Retreat?
Over the years I have attended many spiritual retreats, as a presenter, attendee and co-ordinator.  And even though each retreat has been vastly  different in many ways, they have all gifted me with the same thing: New friendships, astounding knowledge, and a strengthening of my spiritual purpose.


There are just so many delicious reasons to attend a spiritual retreat (and I’m not only talking about the food 😊), that I could go on and on for pages on end, but instead I’m going to condense it down to three good reasons.


Spend several days with like-minded people During conferences, I have received tremendous motivation and insight from talking and listening to other people who are committed and passionate about their spiritual journey. Being around others of like-mind for a few days can be a deeply positive and inspiring experience that is guaranteed to bring about new direction and positive change.


It’s not to say that you’re going to make a deep connection with every soul at every retreat, however chances are that during the weekend you’re going to gravitate naturally towards a few people that you’ll feel a kindred connection with. To witness how spirit brings certain people together during these weekends is miraculous.


You get to learn SO much


At just about every conference I have ever attended I have learned new and radical metaphysical knowledge that has healed my mind, filled me with inspiration,  and deepened my conviction to my own teaching path.


Two years ago, I attended a weekend conference in New York which featured 15 presenters and more than 500 attendees. I left this conference infused with knowledge that brought about a quickening of my journey and all kinds of new opportunities to grow in love & light.  Click here to read the beautiful impressions I received from the 8 sessions I attended.


Come out of your comfort zone


Spiritual conferences are great opportunities to face our fears and find our peace. While at one conference, I decided to step out of my comfort zone by sitting at a different table, with different people, for every meal.


As I joined a new group of people on the second day of the conference a clear realization came to me: You don’t have to give into the impulse of instantly drumming up an artificial conversation with the person next to you, just for the sake of talking to someone so you don’t have to feel insecure.   And so I sat there for a little while in silence, burning through my own insecurities, and allowing myself to come around to feeling comfortable in my own skin.


As it turned out, during the times I was successful in relinquishing the need to start talking for the sake of talking, I found that meaningful conversations and connections blossomed naturally and authentically.


Spiritual conferences challenge us to come out of comfort zones and ruts and to get unstuck – and to grow in humility, gentleness and self-love.


And the icing on the cake as to why it’s a great idea to attend a spiritual retreat, is that there is something downright fun about unplugging from your regular life and fully immersing yourself into new spiritual knowledge, friendship, laughter, nature and nurturing….all weekend long.
I  hope to see you on down the road at a spiritual retreat.


Much Love,
Stefanie Finn

P.S. – Oh and by the way, in case you didn’t already know 😊 there’s a spiritual retreat happening from May 5 – 7, 2017 at Strawberry Hill Resort, Newfoundland. There’s no time like the present to seize the moment and go for it.



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