There are many roads to enlightenment

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When you check out the events section of my website you will see that some events I offer are specifically focused on A Course in Miracles, while some are not. The reason for this is two-fold.

The sessions that focus 100% on A Course in Miracles are for those who are new and avid students of The Course, and want to spend time talking about the Course, Course, and nothing but the Course.  And believe me, the community of enthusiastic Course students is blossoming.

Gradually I’m seeing new Course students emerge all around me. Folks who have purchased the book and are reading it every day. They have entered into this world of radical transformation and have officially caught the bug.

Even though The Course is certainly the main foundation that I come from, my storehouse also includes many additional paths, such as meditation, Messages to Love, The Urantia Book, and countless other spiritual books and teachings (with the most recent one being yoga :))  – all digging the same hole that is enlightenment.

It is for this reason that I like to think of myself as a spiritual coach, rather than just a teacher of A Course in Miracles. It is also for this reason that many of the events I offer are simply spiritual events centred on what many call enlightenment, non-duality or self-realization. These events certainly include talk of the Course, but you need no prior knowledge of the Course to derive full benefit from them.

For me, the purpose of doing A Course in Miracles is not to be always talking about The Course Principles, as much as it’s about working towards the state of mind that comes from actually doing the mind-training component of the Course, a training that gradually and inevitably chisels out a state of peace and expanded consciousness that changes the way you see the world. ♥

The Course states very clearly that it is not the only way to enlightenment. There are many paths to enlightenment.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that ultimately my goal is peace, and the main baby in getting me there is A Course in Miracles. The scribe of the Course, Helen Shuchman,  once stressed the benefit of finding the pathway that makes your heart sing – be it Buddhism, Taoism, The Bhagavad Gita, Christianity, Meditation, Yoga, The Urantia Book – and then delving deeply into it and gaining mastery over it. As this will do remarkable things for your mind.

And although the mind-training of the Course has indeed done some pretty good things for my mind (such as help chisel out a zen-like state, cut down on worrying, vastly elevated my self-esteem, let go of rigid control, stop being so OCD about everything, and so forth), when I show up to a conference to talk about peace , unity and healing, I draw on a multitude of ideas, disciplines and personal  experiences – all digging the same hole that is the non-dual state called Love.

At the end of the day it’s all about love, because in reality love is where we are from, what we are and what we’re going back to. The Course states that we don’t need to be taught the meaning of love because love is beyond what can be taught, but what we can do is “remove the blocks to the awareness of love’s presence” so that we are left with a quiet bliss, a peace of mind that passes all understanding, and a deep sense of our own self-worthiness, because we finally understand that our worth comes from God.

When we remove these blocks we are left knowing ourselves as the Light we already are, and we BEcome the Light of the world. To me, there is no greater aspiration than this.

Much Love & Light,


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“Enlightenment is when a wave realizes it is an ocean.”
Thich Nhat Hanh

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