Inner miracles cause outer miracles

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Hi everyone,


A while ago a friend of mine said to me that A Course in Miracles wasn’t necessary, because all you have to do is feel good and life will take care of itself.


Although I wholeheartedly agree with her statement that “all you have to do is feel good and life will take care of itself”, I also know that most of us need help in releasing the blockages that are standing in the way of us feeling good.


And this is where A Course in Miracles comes in.


This is a course in mind training, which systematically brings you through a curriculum that is brilliantly designed to dissolve the egoic thought system so it can be replaced with the thought system of Love – and it’s in this new thought system we quite simply feel really good.


Many Course students talk about a miracle (as in A Course in “Miracles”) as being a shift in perception from fear to love, which takes place through the practice of forgiveness. Forgiveness meaning the giving up of your lower perception to a higher power for transformation and release.


In the moments that we let go of fear we feel good,  we know we’ve experienced the “miracle” that A Course in “Miracles” talks about. Feeling good is the miracle. In this sense it could really be be called A  Course in Feeling Good.


When this shift from fear to love occurs it’s like a tap has been turned on and we find ourselves being gently showered by an ever-flowing stream of peace. With each new shift we are treated to more and more peace, until peace becomes the permanent backdrop of our life.


It is worth every ounce of work that it takes to get to this state.


I can honestly say I would never had continued to do the Course if it wasn’t doing  remarkable things for my mind. I would never have continued doing the daily work if it wasn’t bringing me continuous expanding vistas and tangible, practical, in-the-world results.


But it has and continues to, and so I happily continue working with it as it lights up my mind and life in a myriad of ways.


Inner miracles cause outer miracles


Speaking of in-the-world results, I struggled for years as a single parent, experiencing continued fear, worry and very little money. It was during this time I began to experience the practical application of applying miracles in my life. One day in particular when I didn’t have enough money to pay for a particular bill, instead of going deeper into worry (as was the norm), I stopped myself in my tracks and called myself out.


I let go in the moment and courageously gave the emotional anguish I was in to the Holy Spirit. I instantly felt bliss replace fear, and three minutes later I stumbled upon an envelope I had forgotten about in my apartment containing exactly enough money to cover the bill.


This was a demonstration that inner miracles cause outer miracles. The letting go of fear brought forth the outer miracle or the in-the-world solution to the problem.


I have experienced many miracles since that time and know without a shadow of a doubt that the minute I let go of whatever fear or grievance I happen to be harboring, for whatever reason, miracles happen. Inner miracles cause outer miracles.  You can count on them.


Bentinho Massaro says, “If you want a happy life, you have to first be happy.”


In other words when you experience the love that inner miracles cause you will experience life supporting and buoying your new feel-good state with all kinds of good things. Don’t limit yourself as to how much good you can attract into your life by feeling good. You’re the only one who can limit your life.


Abraham Hicks says, “Be willing to be where you are from a different vantage point.”  If you’re challenged right now become willing to feel good regardless of your present circumstance. This can be a stretch but it is so worth it as we see the outer miracles spring forth from the inner miracle or shift from fear to love.


The one thing I know for sure about miracles is that they work. Every single time I have released a fear and allowed it to be replaced with love and faith I have seen tangible, beautiful, delightful, and surprising results.


Wishing you many miracles to come.


Much Love,



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