This week’s Message to Love – explained


“You must be willing to let your feelings go in order to allow divine feelings to replace them.” (Message to Love)

‘Your feelings’ are emotions, or ‘living feelings’. They are generally what we experience in this life. From the moment we arise in the morning until we drift off to sleep each night – we are bound by the old emotional scale, based on past understanding and experience. We keep riding the same old roller coaster of hope-doubt, ups-downs, pleasure-pain, satisfaction-disappointment, ego high-ego low, victory-loss,  until we choose something greater to infill and sustain us.

We will live in our emotions all of the time, until we reach a point on our evolutionary path when we want to be infused with something beyond our own, limited emotional range. That something is spiritual Love, which contains no opposites. This subtle, yet all consuming state, doesn’t turn into its opposite, it overrides the opposite roller coaster altogether. The state of genuine Love doesn’t become hate after awhile, it overrides the “love” – hate spectrum and soars above it.

So how do you actually let go of ‘your feelings’ to allow ‘divine feelings’ to replace them?

“Let the Spirit burst through them, just like the sun and rain burst through the clouds.” (Message to Love)

100% Desire. We have to want to let go and allow divine feelings to replace old emotions- more than anything else. It is so easy to continue to default into the same old emotions, especially when life appears to be giving you very solid reasons to do so: fear, guilt, irritation, anger, doubt, etc. It takes constant awareness and conscious choice to get yourself out of the way, and make room for your higher mind to infill you with new feelings. With100% desire for the higher, the higher way will appear and become your way.

Yield.  It means to constantly be engaged in the practice of emotional surrender, so that divine feelings can find their way into your consciousness and replace the emotion with joyous surrender, acceptance, and Love. we can only let go of our own emotions when we are truly want something greater to replace them.

Heaven is a decision I must make. I make it now, and will not change my mind, because it is the only thing I want. ACIM -page 266, WB

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Dunstanburgh Rain Showers
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